Life's Gold

I listened to my watch tick, tick, tick on Tuesday morning.

Though it had been broken all that year before.

I took it up as a sign to start my broken engine again.

I walked to the corner where the crash had been.

And, studied (carefully) the broken glass, twisted chard metal.

It played tricks with my mind, still slaughtered as it was.

Changing to wretched shapes with horrid colors.

Shapeless stained in tainted red, poisonous black.

Mentally murdered I turned from the thin yellow tape.

With crystalline in my eyes, and falling down my cheek.

A lost rally of pictures flooded my fragile interior.

Outlandish atrocities that can never again be forgotten.

Five were there and now only one was left to let you know.

How quickly your life's gold can be taken from you.