To tell a story is to live.
To give everything there is to give.
It may be true, it may not,
But it will never be forgot.

It's story time, gather 'round,
Sit together on the ground.
Listen closely to my words,
Then recite what you have learned.

Listen to the stories that I tell,
And you will know them all to well.
You'll get lost in worlds anew.
Keep it alive, it's up to you.

You'll be there when the wolf cries.
You'll be there when the hero dies.
Watch as enemies get revenge,
Discover the secrets of Stone Henge.

Hear the prisoner's last cry,
As he is about to die.
Hear the laugher of the child,
As he runs throughout the wild.

In time more stories will unfold,
Just as long as you listen to what's told.
You must have a story to give.
So tell it and live.