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One day in the near future, a vampire named Valley is destined to fall in love with a human. It would be a forbidden marriage and love. The human and the vampire would be able to produce children. They would not just have one, but two. Twins. It is unknown whether they will be male or female, but they will be feared by the vampires. Purely human, they would be, except for their immortality and ability to fly. If the vampires could get these Human Omoralens to join their side, the vampires could take over the human race, and never again have to live in fear.

It was a story we all knew, every single one of us. The vampires of the underground. The story was passed on through the generations. It used to just be a myth and folklore, until it actually came true. We tried our best to shelter Valley from the human world, but she proved to be persistent. Finally she was able to get away, and she fell in love, just like the story says. We never knew who this man would be, but we sought to find him, and never did. Lewis Winzer was his name. He was a writer, and wrote a great deal on fantasy creatures, such as vampires. Imagine is reaction when Valley revealed what she really was. Eccentric as he was he continued to love her none-the-less. Miraculously they were able to give birth to children, twins, two girls, Aura and Emily. I am Devon and this is their story.

The night was dark and cold. It had a bone-chilling kind of feel. Walking among the faces of the dead isn't very pleasant either. I am a vampire. Those creatures that walk in the graveyards in the dead of night can't go out in the sunlight, the bloodsuckers, demons and beasts. But only a few of my kind aren't as people think we should be. We are kind and only feed on blood and flesh when needing energy instead of amusement or fun. We save more mortals that way. We consider ourselves vegetarians. We usually feast on animals, occasionally humans, but we pick our victims carefully.

It was cold enough outside that the grass had frozen. It crunched under my feet. I looked up and looked into the eyes of my friend Koda. He was one of my true friends. My second. The underground had split into two groups, one followed me, and another followed two vampires named Clover and Tracker. Once Clover and Tracker had learned the birth of the twins, they went on a spree trying to convince many vampires to join their cause. I wouldn't hear it. Any vampire that didn't like Tracker and Clover, joined with me. I wanted to protect the Omoralens, to give them information and let them learn their powers. It was unknown if they even knew what they truly were.

Koda and I stood on top of a hill, over-looking the graveyard that we commonly hunted in. We spotted a few shadows in the distance then heard a scream. I glanced over at him, "You run and get a few of the others, and I'm going to go check it out."

Koda nodded and ran off in the direction we came from. I, on the other hand, ran towards the shadows. As I got closer I recognized the hunter. She hunted vampires almost every night. A few of us had grown to fear her, for she was quite a spirit to fight. The other figure looked dangerously familiar. As a neared them even more I realized that it was Tracker. I kept my cover behind a tall gravestone and listened.

"Well, well, well, look who it is!" Tracker smirked at her, walking closer.

"Who are you? Stay back vampire!" she yelled at him, raising her crossbow.

"My name is Tracker but you can call me . . . Tracker!" he said slightly laughing but still walking towards her.

The huntress kept moving backwards bumping into headstones. Why wasn't she attacking? She was stopped against a tree and lowered her crossbow. Tracker stood about a foot away from her. I bet he smelled like his last meal. Tracker was all too happy to feed on humans.

"Well, it looks like this little huntress has trepidation!" he said.

"Hey Tracker, leave her alone!" I said, finally stepping out from behind the gravestone.

"Can't I have a meal in peace, Devon?" Tracker said, turning to look at me.

"You've already had your share of mortal for now Tracker. You don't need to spill any more blood tonight."

"I am not finished for tonight. This hunter is on my menu. I'll be willing to share." He grinned at me. It almost made me shiver.

I took another step toward Tracker. He looked at me cold-heartedly and smiled. Before I could make another movement; He moved so fast I couldn't see it; he knocked the huntress to the tree. She dropped her crossbow on the ground when he pinned her to the tree. Tracker's hand clenched her neck and he bared his fangs, ready to bite.

"No!" I yelled flinging myself onto his back. He let the huntress drop.

"Peri Retes Devon, zay pac!" he yelled. "Get off Devon, you fool" in vampiric.

My arms were tight around his neck, choking him. I saw the huntress rise and grab a stake from her coat. "Do it!" I yelled to her, "Kill him!"

She looked at me and nodded. She charged forward and stabbed Tracker through the heart. He disintegrated. I dropped to my knees and hung my head.

"Doze na rosh Tracker!" I said aloud.

"It's not your fault!" the huntress said. Can she understand vampiric?

"Do you understand vampiric?" I asked in English.

"So that's what you call it. You said 'I'm sorry Tracker' right?" she said.

"Yes, I did. How did you know that?" I stood up, facing her.

"My mother was a vampire, she taught me the language."

"So that's how you know we are coming, you can understand us. Wow! I'd never thought I'd see the day when a huntress can speak vampiric."

She looked at me as though I was insane. "But aren't you immortal?" she said. I thought about what I said and laughed. She laughed with me.

"Well I'd better go! Um, Thank you for helping me with Tracker, Devon!" she said to me walking by. I smiled. "Wait! Huntress, what is your name?" I asked.

She giggled, shook her head and left the graveyard. I'll get her name one day.

Aura arrived at her house and opened the door, walking in. The lights were off, but she was sure that her sister said she wasn't going anywhere tonight. She flipped on the light.

Moaning came from the couch in the family room. "Emmy are you here?" she yelled.

"What? I'm here and turn the god forsaken light off!" she said poking her head up from behind the couch.

"Oh sorry!" Aura apologized.

"I'm tired; it's been a stressful day. Leave me alone!" she said mumbling into a pillow.

"All right, I'll be in my room then!" I said flipping the switch off.

Aura walked up the stairs to her bedroom. She undressed out of her hunting outfit and flopped lazily onto her bed. As soon as her eyes were closed, she fell fast asleep.

I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was her. She was with me everywhere I went. I walked around my crypt thinking, imagining she was standing in front of me looking as beautiful as ever. What was wrong with me? I couldn't be thinking this way. It's not natural for a vampire to fall for a human, let alone a huntress.

Well with the exception of Valley. Even though vampires can't have children, hers were an exception. It's a bad combination, a vampire and human mixed together in children. They are considered darker then demons, threats to both of our races. So they either had to be killed our join our side. I didn't think either option was right.

"Wait a minute," I thought out loud, "Didn't she say her mother was a vampire! I must find her she could be in trouble sooner or later!" I grabbed my cloak and walked along the road leading to the outskirts of the near by city.

Aura rolled around in bed. She just couldn't sleep, my face running through her brain. She couldn't love me, she knew it wasn't right. She opened her eyes and sat up when I heard tapped on her window. It was three in the morning.

Aura got up and opened the curtains. She jumped back at the shock of seeing me standing on her windowsill. She opened the window. "Are you mad?" whispering to me as I climbed in. "How did you find me?"

"Your scent, you smell of lilies!" I said. We locked eyes. I felt strange, as though I was blushing.

"I . . . um . . . I . . . I think you should go now Devon!" She said turning away from me.

"Tell me your name and answer a question, then I will leave!" I bargained.

"Very well, I'm Aura. What's your question?"

"What was your mother's name?" I asked. She gave me a confused look as to why I would ask such a question.

"Her name was Valley, she was a vampire." She answered.

"Come with me!" I said pulling her to the window.

"What? Why?" She asked pulling away.

"You're in danger. You can't stay here. Come with me!" I pulled on her arm again.

"Why am I in danger? What's going on?" She asked. She seemed completely confused.

"Because your mother was a vampire and your father was a mortal and you their child, the vampire clans see you as a threat and I know for a fact they are out to kill you!" I said quickly.

"But, won't they kill you too because you're helping me?" She asked. I looked at her gently. "Yes, if I'm caught they will most likely kill me along with you. But I don't care about me. I want to make sure you're safe." I said. My hand slid down her arm to her hand. She agreed with me to go. We went through the window and across the yard.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked. "Shhhh! I'm taking you to my place, my crypt, don't worry I'm they only one there and no other vampire knows where it is. You'll be safe there!" I said. She nodded and went with me.

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