Epilogue and Vocabulary!

Aura walked casually to her classroom, where her studious class was patiently waiting. Or maybe not.

"Travis, I would appreciate it if you would not stick gum under my desks, you wouldn't want to clean it off now would you?" Aura said as she came in and stood at her desk. Travis and the rest of the class took their seats.

"Ms. Winzer, where were you yesterday?"

Aura smiled. "Well, whether you believe me or not, I was saving the world."

The students giggled.

"Seriously Ms. Winzer, we want to know."

"Seriously, I was saving the world! Just ask Heidi, she was there for a brief moment."

Their eyes all shifted to Heidi who slumped back in her chair.

"It's true, she was saving the world from evil vampires, while also being on the good vampires side. I saw it with my own eyes." Heidi said nervously.

"See there's your proof. Vampires are real and I was saving the human race from total destruction. And destroying private property for that matter, but enough about me. Hand in your reports please!"

"Did you get hurt? Did anyone die?"

"People always die in wars, Nathan. I lost my sister and for a brief moment, my boyfriend. And yes I did get hurt but I'm healed now. Thanks for the concern."

"Was your boyfriend the guy that proposed to you?" asked Angie.

"No, but he did too. He believe it or not was a vampire, but I didn't previously know that."

"NO WAY!" The class said.

"Yes, it's all true. It's all true. Now let's get started on today's lesson . . ."

Vocabulary not in order of appearance

Pac na ress domka na!

I think I love you.

Pac na ress ame.

I love you too.

Pac na ress.

I love you.

Zay pac!

You fool!



Peri retes!

Get off!

Pac na kane e nuke.

I missed you so much.

Doze ne rosh!

I am sorry!

Sepé dec hesha!

What the hell!

Das ec!

Damn it!

Dec Mas!

The End!

Pac mesh don na cross!

You know, I can tell!

Das pac ent paca rone ema nebash!

Damn you and your low life thinking!

Pac na set ki schlon!

(I'm not telling!)

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