All I Have To Say

I love you
I need you
I want you
I care about you
I open my eyes, although it stings, to see you
I reach out my hand, although it hurts, just to touch you
I run when there are blisters on my feet so I can be with you
I swelter in the burning sun so I can spend the day outside with you
I give up sleep for you
I give up life for you
I put off going to Havard for you
I'd live at home for you
I'd be poor just for you
I'd crush and mutilate my dreams to keep you
I starve myself for you
I cut for you
I burn for you
I scarred your name into my flesh for you
I overdosed for you
I horrifically disfigure myself for you
I horribly deform myself for you
I cripplingly dehumanise myself just for you
I cry for you
I spend restless nights alone because of you
I hold you through your failure to give support to you
I celebrate your feats to see a smile on you
I'd do just about anything for you
I hate you
And I hope you rot and burn in Hell, you fucking self-centred, manipulative