So long ago, the Mega Beasts ruled the Earth. Before them, the Dinosaurs. If only the Earth stayed in the care of the "un-intelligent" beasts. Then something like this could have been avoided. The Apocalypse! Ragnarok! Openbaring van Johannes! Apokalipszis! Mokushiroku! The end has many names. And now it has come.

Reverend Milliano knew it, when the end came. He walked around, in the deserted streets of the city. When he met someone, he did what he could to comfort them.

"The Lord has decided to take us back. We shall live forever in Heaven. All thy sins will be forgiven," he said.

Some of them did not want comfort.

"Leave us. Your Lord has deserted us."


"Get the damn out of here," were some of the things they said to him. The end wasn't sent by the Lord, he knew that. It was forced on by the humans. With so many nuclear weapons, who'd ever think we wouldn't use them. The Reverend looked around the ruins, the corpses, the survivors. Suddenly a strong light appeared in the horizon to the west. "More bombing," Milliano sighed. "I wish they would stop."

But they didn't. Ever. When only a few had survived, did they stop? No, they continued. On and on. So in the end, nothing had been preserved. The earth's surface was covered in dust. Gazillions of fish with mutations floated dead on the ocean surface. Thick fogs of black dust prevented the sun light from reaching the surface. Every city was a ruin. Buildings like fingers trying to reach the sky. Fire still roamed in the tubes deep under ground. Burned skulls lay halfway covered in dust. Nothing had survived.

Many billion years had now passed since the Great War had started. Still the Earth was scarred. Trees were beginning to grow, but the look of them would make every human sick. Purple branches with brown spikes, instead of leaves. The flowers, if they could be called that, were not any better in appearance. But regardless of how hideous they were, they had adapted to the conditions, and that's what counted. For them, at least.

The earth might have been able to house new intelligent life. But every time the life circle started, it was destroyed again by natural forces or after tastes of the Great War. Earth quakes, volcanos, acid rain (the pollution was still deep in the earth) and so on. And so it continued till the end of our solar system. Humans were lost, and with them, they had taken one of the most beautiful planets and destroyed it.