Author's Note: This is my persuasive speech which I had to write and present for my English class. I live in the United Kingdom so this refers to the British Big Brother.

Big Brother has gone too far

Over the past five years, every summer, we have seen Channel 4 broadcast the reality TV show Big Brother where twelve people are locked inside a house and filmed 24 hours a day in a bid to win the prize money which is up for grabs.

Each year the show has become progressively more ridiculous with situations like extra people, surprise tasks or evictions and weekly challenges being added in attempts to boost ratings.

However, this year the reality show has become more like a twisted game show with a strange assortment of contestants which has been contrived by Channel 4 producers to receive high ratings and the maximum amount of publicity.

This year we're only four weeks into Big Brother's ten week run and we've already seen one hopeful evicted for repeatedly breaking the rules and a fake double eviction, which resulted in two of the housemates going into a bed-sit to secretly work for 'evil' Big Brother.

Then when the two housemates returned to the house it caused chaos. A fight broke out with the screaming rivals threatening to kill each other and objects being thrown around. The fight caused the satellite channel E4 to cut off its live coverage of the house, security guards to enter the house and separate the housemates, locking them in different rooms and the police to be called in to investigate.

The fight also resulted in over half of the housemates to be issued formal warnings by Big Brother for their anti-social behaviour and one hopeful to leave the house for good.

One thing to take into consideration is that when the contestants were auditioning to get into the Big Brother house they had no idea that this year Big Brother was going to be 'evil'. If they had known this, would they still have wanted to take part and auditioned?

Now that they are in the house how do they feel? Cheated? Angry? Or annoyed because it isn't what they'd been expecting? They certainly hadn't been expecting evil pranks to be played on them or to be woken up with loud alarms early every morning.

Is Big Brother right to be evil? Is it fair? Or, on the other hand, should the housemates have to suffer and not be able to get away with an easy ride?

Are the public beginning to question Channel 4's ethics? Can they see that the housemates are being treated wrongly?

As a final point, this year Big Brother has been craftily planned in Channel 4's quest for larger ratings and media attention.

Big Brother has gone too far.