Author's Note: Texarkana is a real place. I myself hold nothing against it, well just a little actually....but any ways.

The first chapter is pretty boring, but stick with me it gets much better!


I'm Dean Tray. I live in Texarkana TX and go to Texas High where I'm on the soccer team. I'm 17 years old. Texarkana is a city of about 67 or 63 thousand. Any ways it lies on the border of both Texas and Arkansas, hints the name. The people who run Texarkana seem to be more interested in the tourist and travelers then their own citizens. You can't go more then a couple of miles without seeing a gas station or a hotel. All we get is a few good restaurant like, 'Red Lobster', 'Golden Corral', 'Johnny Carino's ', 'Chilis' and some steak houses. We have a movies horrible...lots of car dealerships. In fact if you want a new car then cruise up

Summerhill Road. We also get the pleasure of having a skating rink that is only for kids under 14, two wal-marts, a park, state line, books-a-million, and a mall. Well the mall if more of a shopping center. Malls have two floors, food court, lots of cool stores, and an elevator. Our mall has one floor, no elevator, and hardly any good stores. As for the food, for the longest all we had was a Luby's and an El Chico, then they added a chick-fil-a, a steak house, and a Chinese place. The stores are mainly department stores, but there's also a game room, a candy shop, a lot of clothing stores, Sam Goody, F.Y.E, and athletic stores. That's Texarkana for you. So, you ask, what does a teenager do for fun in a place like that? Most of them cruise state line on Friday and Saturday. They will drive from one end of state line to the other. The best part is they all try and start fights with each other. Pathetic! I on the other hand like to improve my skills with my soccer ball, play some video games, maybe watch a good movie or read a book. Now about Texas High. The first Texas High was built in the 1930's, then they built a new one on Kennedy lane. It's an outside school. Well the classes are inside rooms, but most of the hallways are outside, all they have is a roof over them and some concrete. I'm not disliked at school, nor am I in the 'in' crowd. Most people know me because of soccer. My school is split into different groups. First you have the jocks and the preps. The jocks are those who play football and basketball. The preps are the cheerleaders and the yearbook staff. Then there's the followers. They follow the in crowd and try to copy their so called style. There's also the freaks. The ones who listen to heavy metal, wear black clothes and costume jewelry. Most of them are called devil worshipers. I've been friends with a few of them before and can tell you most of them are not. They are either atheist, Christian or Wiccan. Which most people believe that Wiccan's do worship the devil, from what I've heard they do not. Any ways, there's also the rappers. The one's who listen to rap have bling-bling around their necks, on their fingers or in their mouth. The are the ones who rap in the hallways. As for me I'm in the soccer group. All of the soccer players stick together. I'm on varsity!

For some reason I have always been complimented on my good looks. I don't think that I'm ugly, nor do I think that I'm that good looking. I'm about 6'1, I've got long brown hair, well long as in it hangs to my shoulders, but I always have it pulled back in a low pony tail. I've got a goatee and hazel eyes. I always try and work out. I'm in shape but no where near how much I want to be. Your probably saying 'blah blah blah, get on with the story already.' So I will.

I hate gay people! There is your story. It's not natural, it's gross. Now if it is between two women then that is fine by me. But if it is between two men..... oh that is just sick. I mean don't they get penis envy or something? There is nothing natural about two men being together. I'm with President Bush, there should be a law banning them from getting married. If I were President I would ship all of the gay men off to a deserted island. Then there would be none in America. I let my views be heard. In debate we had and LD debate over gay marriage. The people on my side were saying that it is against God, I don't have a say in on that. I said that gay's choose to be gay and then this freak girl stands up and says "Why would anyone choose to live a life of prejudice?" I said I don't know some people are just stupid. Then she said the dumbest thing ever "Gay people are born gay." Oh come on, some baby is going to be born and say "I'm gay." Please! Nothing normal about gays. Well that's my views. But something happened this year, my senior year, that could change my life forever.