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Sky and I were sitting on one of the couches in the cramped living room. A couple were making out next to us, and all I could think about was making love to Sky again. Dean was the farthest thing from my mind. I knew that Ant would be back soon and Sky and I could leave.
"I'm getting really sleepy." Sky said yawning.
"Your not the only one. Don't worry though Ant will be back soon." I had to restrain myself from touching and kissing Sky's perfect lips as he looked at me.
After sitting there watching everyone make fools of themselves for half and hour, Ant showed up.
"Hey man." "Thank goddess." I said standing up.
"Sorry man, Dean was wasted. You can drive his truck to your house, he'll get it in the morning." "All right. Thanks man." I said turning to Sky.
"Dean likes you man." Ant blurted out. "What?" I asked turning around to face Ant once more.
"He told me." He said grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
"Umm, we need to go. I've got to get Sky home." Ant raised his eyebrows then looked behind me. "Oops." He said putting a hand over his mouth. "Dean has a crush on you?" Sky asked standing up.
"It's not important. Let's go." I said taking the keys from Ant.
I stormed out to Dean's truck leaving Sky behind. This really fucked up the situation. I wanted Dean, I wanted Sky. I had Sky, I loved Sky. I wasn't going to fuck up with Sky because Dean possibly had a crush on me.
"I don't have to worry about anything do I?" Sky asked getting into the passenger seat.
"No Sky you don't. I'm sure that Dean was so drunk that he didn't know what he was saying or doing. It's happened before." "Okay." Sky said a little doubtful.
"Don't worry baby. I'm in love with you, not Dean." I said cupping his face in my hands. "Well I don't want any competition." "No one could compete against you." I said taking Sky's hand into my own. I smiled over at him and started the truck.
"Why don't you spend the night at my house?" I asked.
"I don't think your parents would like that." "Their asleep." "I need to take a shower. I mean I still have costume make-up all over me. I don't have any clothes to change into either. And my mom would worry." Sky said shooting out every excuse he could. I wouldn't hear any of it though, I had a solution for everything he had listed off.
"We can take a shower when we get to my house, and I have some clothes that you can change into, and you can call your mom in the morning and tell her you spent the night with me. She would be thrilled that we had met up again." "Okay it sounds good to me." Sky said smiling with all his doubts gone.

As soon as we got to my house I turned off the headlights so that it would not wake my parents. I walked in the house with Sky, trying to be quite. Once we got to the bathroom I told Sky to wait in the bathroom while I went to grab our clothes. I got myself blue flannel pajamas and grabbed green for Sky. As much as I would like to see Sky in a wife beater I knew that he liked t-shirts over them so I grabbed him a Happy Bunny shirt. This one reading 'Hating you makes me all warm inside.' I laughed to myself and left my room.
I opened the bathroom door and threw my clothes at Sky. "You can wear those tonight." I said chuckling as Sky tried to peal the clothes off of his head. I walked behind him and started the bath. Turning around I lifted Sky's ripped shirt from his lithe body. I tossed it aside and began to kiss the back of his neck. "I love you." I whispered into his ear. "I'm so glad to have you back with me." "So am I. I was miserable without you." "Well you don't have to be miserable anymore. I want you to be happy, and I'm going to make you happy. I promise."

After our quick shower Sky and I headed towards my room. I wrapped my arm around him and kept him close. After shutting my door and turning on my lamp I sat Sky down on my bed. I leaned down and kissed him; I loved feeling his lips against mine. They were so perfect in everyway. When I pulled back I noticed Sky's hard on under his pj's. "Someone looks excited." Sky blushed and looked down. "As much as I would like to help you with that I can't. My parents are right across the hall, and well let's face it you aren't exactly quite."

"I can be."

"No you can't Sky, remember I tried getting you to be quite. It's not possible." I said as I walked over to my side of the bed and slide under my blanket. "Let's get some sleep. I promise that I will help you in the morning when my parents are gone." I flipped off my lamp and laid back down.
As soon as the light was off, Sky was on me. I felt him crawl next to me and slip under the blanket, I was about to pull him close to me when his hand suddenly gripped my cock through my pants. I gritted my teeth. "What are you doing?" I asked.
"Nothing." Sky said as his hand felt it's way through my pants and boxers. He began stroking me slowly. I pulled my pillow over my head trying to be quite. I finally got up( no pun intended) the will power to pull Sky's hand away from my hardening cock. "Stop Sky." I said taking the pillow from my head.
"Why? You liked it?" He asked innocently. Innocent was not what he was he was more like a vixen.
"Sky it's four in the morning. My parents will be up in an hour and out of the house in two. Can't you wait two hours?" "I guess." I could hear the disappoint in his voice and pulled him over to me. "It's only two hours. And believe me I really want you to continue what you were doing, but I don't want to get caught."

"I know, but I just really want to experience it again."

"There will be plenty of experiences for us baby." "Your right."

"Of course I am." I said joking. "Now get some sleep." I said planting a small kiss to Sky's forehead.


I woke up pretty early with a horrible hangover. I made it downstairs though, and took some aspirin. "Did you get luck last night or something?" My dad asked from the living room.
"Yeah." I said walking in and sitting on the couch.
"Got a hangover don't ya?" "Yeah." I said again.
"I told you to take some of that chaser before you go and get drunk."

"I know I forgot."

"Well I don't have any pity for ya." My dad stated looking over at me. "Is that make-up your wearing?" He asked turning my face towards him. "What the fuck is wrong with you? You ain't going all fairy on me are ya?"

"No dad. It was part of my costume. I was a vampire. I was to wasted to take a shower when I got home."

"Well go and take one now. I don't want to see you looking like a goddamn faggot." I stood up without saying anything and went upstairs to shower. I stopped in my room to grab a pair of cargo pants and a gap shirt before retreating to the bathroom. The warm water felt so good and I was able to forget about everything and wash away all my memories of the night before. Once I finished my shower though my memories were back and I felt like shit all over again.
I was in my room laying down when my dad knocked on the door and walked in.
"Phone for you. It's that goddamn n-"

"Shut up dad." I warned before he could let out his derogatory word.
"You know I don't like him."

"I know that, but I do." I said taking the phone and shutting the door in my dad's face.
"Sorry you had to hear that Ant."

"I'm used to it when I call you fool."


"We need to talk."



"What about him?"

"You told me last night that you had a crush on him."

"Look man I was to fucked up to know what I was saying."

"Bullshit. You were coherent when I asked you. Besides I know you do any ways. Just tell him."

"Anthony, I am not gay. I do not have a crush on Lewis. All right? Give it a rest."

"I will give it a rest when you two are happily married and living in Canada."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. You can think all you want but you are wrong."

"Why won't you just admit it? There's nothing wrong with being gay. Lewis is a great guy and you like him. Deal with it."

My temper was rising horribly. I had made a big mistake last night. Anthony knew. He wasn't going to stop badgering me about it either.
"I've got to go." I said hanging up.
"Dad." I called as I walked down the stairs.
"This isn't right. Look at this shit on tv." My dad was watching the news where they were broadcasting the gay marriage issue.
"They should start shooting all them freaks. Oh my god. Look at this." At that moment two men were kissing on the screen. "They shouldn't show shit like that. There is nothing right with those people." I didn't feel disgust, like I usually did when I saw gay couples. I felt like I was one of them. I didn't like the feeling. I wanted to be normal. I didn't want to have a crush on Lewis, I didn't want to be gay. I was coming to the facts though. I was different, rather I liked it or not. I snapped myself from my thoughts and asked my dad to drive me to Lewis'.
"Why can't you drive yourself?"

"I was to wasted to drive last night. He has my truck I need to go and get it."

"Well all right. The sooner I don't have to see those damn gays the happier I'll be." Once I got to Lewis' I told my dad I would be home later that I had things to do. Which was true, Christmas was coming up and I needed to go shopping. I was thinking of inviting Lewis along. I walked up his drive way and rang the doorbell. It was 8am, I knew that Lewis was awake. If he wasn't then I would wake him up by ringing the doorbell over and over. The last thing that I expected was for Lewis to answer the door, flushed out of breath and with an erection.

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