Part of me is like ice
I don't know which part
I can feel it nestled deep inside my soul
People see me, met me, and they think I'm happy
And I am, save this part
It's he part of me that cries
It is the empty hallow that I try to fill with tears
But I guess that's it beneath it all
Beneath all of what people see, and what they don't
I'm empty
I'm an empty sea of salty tears
Cried out when night slid under the moon
A mix between unforgiving sadness and self pity

Sometimes I'm afraid that I've been lied to
That all I have suffered, all I have learned, all I have taught myself
Was for nothing
That I've been living the life of a meant to be hero
And it was all for the life of a bored star
Some spirit with nothing better to do
I feel like I'm sitting here rotting away
If I'm not put to some use soon, I'm afraid that deep hallows inside me
Is going to be all that is left