An Unusual Prophecy
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-Second day of January
That I was able to read about an unusual prophecy,
Which has stated that a woman of such wonderous
Beauty shall soon return and bring forth joyous
Rejuvenation to Camelot and the surrounding country.

After I've finished reading the book and
Placed it back inside my night stand,
I've called Simon,
My travel agent and booked a trip to London,

As soon as my flight has arrived at its destination,
I've stepped off the plane and got started on my mission
To see if the prophecy was indeed true,
Only to have myself bump into a woman who is a true
Linda Blair type beauty and was on a simular mission.

After we've introduced ourselves and agreed to help each
Other,we've rented a car and drove beyond the reach
Of all communication and over to a deserted castle,where
It looked like it has been constructed with such care
Within the days of King Arthur and each
Of the Knights of the Round Table of Camelot.

But after we've got out of the car and began to spot
A bright light at the castle doorway,
My newfound friend has started walking all the way
To the very spot
Where the light was beginning to glow more brighter.

And after the glowing being has touched her
Hand,the entire castle has started to transform
Itself back into its true regal form.

The prophecy came true,for the princess has returned.