Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. That's the sound they say a bee makes. But the one right outside my window is humming, in a bee like way of course; not a buzz though. It seems 'pleasantly content.' I suppose the flowers on my shirt attracted it - they are bright. Mommy said that is was a dangerous shirt to wear to the park earlier today, we went anyway. It was my birthday on Saturday. Did you ever notice how fat and fuzzy bees are? Right now I feel like patting it. I get these bumps when I touch bees and wasps, they're uncomfortable and itchy. So I guess I won't. I opened my window and the bee came in, I never have been scared of insects. It's such a warm day out. I can see how dirty the air is in my room. My big brother told me what it was, but I forgot. It's only dirty where the sun is though. Once, I asked Daddy why the sun changes the world so much, he laughed. I know better now. And Col's always away. The bees gone now and there's no more music. But it wasn't buzzing anyway.