Arcia: Beautiful, Nature-lover,tall, brown eyes, fair complected, Easily taken (but not wanting to be), the love of everyones life... but intimidating. All around lovely.

Dane: Kind of the... everyone loves me so they must has sex with me... kind of guy. A horn-dog, if you will. Great green eyes, tall, black hair, body piercings.

THEM: She thought he had loved her too.

A gathering of friends for the Superbowl had brought Dane and Arcia together. They talked, they laughed, and Arcia actually had fun. It was instant attraction, they both felt it. Beautiful.

They sat together in a mutual friends' living room, Dane kissed Arcia. It was her first, she was so afraid to do something wrong, she had never had a kiss before, let alone an open mouthed kiss. He liked it, she liked it. More fun.

Dane gave Arcia a massage, She needed one, her back was hurting badly, her neck too. They kissed again, she was still nervous, but not as bad... though his hands were down her shirt from the "massage" this time, she didn't seem to mind.

After the game was over, everyone was bored-- not that they weren't during the game-- so everyone wanted to go outside, ofcourse it was getting boring, so Arcia wanted to go too, Dane wanted to rest. She tried kissing him, to make him go with her, that never works. So she just said, "I'm leaving," and started to walk away, ofcourse. He almost broke out into a jog to catch up with her, maybe he wanted her that bad, no one can say for sure.

He caught up, both Arcia and Dane went down the stairs, had in hand, he said that she was beatiful. She blushed. They ran to the swingsets, she was swinging, alone. Dane came to her, he took her hand, leaned in and kissed her. Most of the people had left for a while, Dane and another girl probably could not get a guy, no matter how hard she tried, they wanted to be pushed on the tire swing. They wanted Arcia to push them. She said "No", only to find herself walking tward them. She found herself on top of him, he was groping her madly and they were kissing, Arcia's pants were coming undone. They finally realized that the other friend was still there and they stopped, but it didn't mean they wanted to. She went to sit back on her swing, Dane ended up pushing the tire swing, they had fun, Arcia was glad.

Her ride was here, she had to leave. She got her stuff and went back down to everyone. Everyone hugged her, Arcia was beginning to think she was becoming popular. Dane hugged her, she wanted a kiss, but all she got was a hug (or a glomp, whichever you prefer).

THEM: Why did it go wrong?

Arcia thought about Dane all the time, how could she not? She couldn't sleep. It was two days after their meeting, neither of them had heard from the other. Arcia had asked her friend Zoe if she could wait at the bus stop for Dane, she agreed. After waiting for about an hour or two in the rain, Dane finally arrives, at first, she was happy to see him again, but what followed, broke her heart. A girl. HIS girl. She was so angry, she didn't look at him, she wouldn't speak to him, all she said was "Hi". Zoe kept appologizing. Zoe, Dane, Arcia and Dane's girlfirend were there for about fifteen minutes, talking. Finally, Arcia said something: "It's too cold, I'm going home."

Arcia started walking away, wimpering with tears in her eyes, her first love with someone else. Zoe ran up to Arcia and said: "I'm sorry Arcia, I'll make it up to you, what can I do?".

All Arcia said was: "Make him sorry, Zoe. Ask him about Sunday, now." Zoe was on her way.

Arcia was walking fast now, her CD player on at full blast, if she couldn't here them, they couldn't hear her crying. Three blocks away and she thought she heard her name. Four blocks by now, she was stopped... by Dane. He ran for her... to her. Why?

"Arcia... I'm sorry." Dane said, looking at her wet cheeks.

"Why appologize now, Dane? Why not when we met? Did you... did you forget?! Did you forget you had a girlfriend... then you kiss me? Why?" Arcia glared at him, tears falling from her eyes.

"I'm sorry. Arcia. I am sorry!"

"That means a lot Dane..." said Arcia as she was walking away.

"Arcia, wait."

As they were crossing the cross walk, "That was my first kiss, Dane. How does THAT make you feel?" Arcia said.

"Terrible as hell, can't you tell?"

"I try not to notice."

They talked for a long time, like they used to. It was like old times for her... at least. He invited her to his house, it was awefully cold, Arcia's hands were numb. They walked to his house, trying best to stay warm. Arcia, beleiving every word he said.

"My bed is the most comfortable bed on the planet, lay on it... but your jackets pretty wet, so take that off." Dane said.

"Umm... Okay. *pause* Wow. This is comfortable, really." Said Arcia, taking off her wet shoes and jacket. She was now laying on his bed, some of her clothes on his floor, he gets on top of her and kisses her, fondling her. Somehow, her pants become unzipped and Arcia becomes a little nervous, still they go on groping. Steamy. It's around seven PM and she needed to be home at Three-thirty. Oh well. Dane asked what kind of underwear Arcia wore, she showed him. Her pants were half off, and she wasn't scared anymore. Arcia felt too good to be scared. Lustful.

She stopped, "I don't want to leave but I have to. I'm sorry... Can you walk me home? Please."

"Sure sweetie, anything for you." said Dane, she put on her clothes and headed out the door, leaving her jacket behind.

Dane walked her home, kissing and groping a lot on the way, Arcia couldn't help herself from him. She's home, her mother is worried, what else is new. They go to her room and lay on her bed, he said he had to grope her one last time before he left, so they went out in the hall, kissing and groping each other like it was the last day on earth.Raw Passion.

He left.