the sanctuary for which I crave and search
is not constructed of earthly matter
it is not a somber cathedral's reflective aisle
or softly treading steps of modern churches
upon I walk along my journey for love's reality
I see no wooden pews, hear no bellowing organs
there is no sound to answer my heart's plea

it is not in the comforts of my favorite room
no inkdrop blue walls or rattan saucer chairs
plants growing in brightly-painted pots
books lined in rows upon a stained-pine shelf
plush carpet soothing and caressing my bare feet
lamps to illuminate one small room against night

it is not in the realm of breathtaking nature
no trees undulating in glorious rippling winds
birds chirping cheer into earthen silence
majestic running animals, sky-traversing clouds
stars and moon rotating in harmony through space

when, determined to seek my soul's love,
I cast my eye upward, past physical reality
it is You, who dwells in all good things
to whom I offer my sincere, simple gratitude

I crawl into the place of origin
of me and all that is good and created
everything in which you express joy and peace

somehow suspended here with nothing between us
not even a breath separates me from your truth

once swept up in your hand I find rest