To you, I've been the best friend to you.
You thought that I saw you merely as a friend,
But in reality, it's your love I want in the end.
These words have never been more true.
I want to be set free.
This is killing me.

Everyday you talk about your relationship with him,
Talk about how he does you wrong, and does you right,
But did you every time you do, I dream of you at night.
God, I know for you, I would gladly give up a limb.
Baby, can't you see?
This is killing me.

I'm not usually the kind of guy that breaks up a couple,
And my conscience keeps my true emotions locked inside.
You think it's friendship, but in fact it's true love.
You see, all my feelings, from you I have to hide.
But every time you talk about him in your loving way, I die a little more:
It's like somebody's ripped out my beating heart and left it on the floor.

And now you left me in a bad state of mind, I think you'll find
That it's not something I'll admit, but it's my love's candle you lit.
Now you can see why I look so happy around you, smiling brightly and cheerfully,
But you see through it, and at times you sense the sadness within soul.
I guess it's because my heart wants you to find out about the love it bears for you.
I guess that it has a mind of its own, and that it's out of my control.

Each night I cry a tear,
And wish you were near.
I would cuddle my up my pillow
Because I would be feeling low.
How can I be in your heart's favour?
Would the devil ask me to sign a waiver?
I don't know and I don't care:
I just want you, and want you here.

This love comes at a fee:
It is slowly killing me.