The Man in Black

The Man in Black never dies,
and has no lost loves
or ones to mourn as he crawls,
through the graveyard of sand,
past the bleeding,
or pained, moon.
The lightening falls near
the Man in Black,
and thunder follows his every move.
But he never dies.
The endless desert and the
crosses of none, nothing, but
everything matters to him.
Through the pelting rain and the blood
washing away,
the Man in Black carries himself
further, never relenting,
always chasing his prey
through life.
The Man in Black never dies.

A/N: For avid Stephen King fans, you will recognize the Man in Black if you have read his Dark Tower series, The Eyes of the Dragon, The Stand, and so on and this poem is inspired by his character, the man in black, known by many names. This poem also represents the last page in my poetry notebook so I am very sad that I must retire it and get a new one.