A/N:  This is something special that I wrote, thinking of a special person in my life.  Sometimes letting go can be the best choice of all.  Reviews welcomed, but be kind.

DISCLAIMER:  My poem.  My thoughts.  Y'all get the idea.  ^-^ Enjoy!  ^-^

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On this mountain I climb

My way to the peak

The journey is over

No past must I seek

I gaze at the long road

And look to the skies

A love true, still with me

Never asking me why

A heart to reach out

Longing to meet you there

A touch one last time

Two spirits without care

I said I would meet you

On the Summit above

And though I'm with another

Yourself I will always love

My heart has been broken

How quickly it mends

From the help of an angel

Much more than a friend

To him, I give thanks

My flame burns so bright

A voice through the stars

Through the moonlit, summer night

Your heart I will hold

Your presence I shall never forget

The promise will stand

Even after we've met

I will always love you

Please hold to that dear

I will climb to the top

Reach out and hold to you near

My spirit must depart

For the mountain, she calls

But do not lose hope

Even when darkness falls

I want you to be happy

Even if that is not with me

And if the time comes when you cannot go on

I will come and set you free...

~Please R/R

~*~For Anton~*~