Sometimes you just have to run,
Sometimes you cannot face reality.
Its' face, its ugly smile and sinister red eyes.

Sometimes you have to run,
To fly, to scream your thoughts,
To penetrate others' minds and dreams.

Sometimes you can't help but care,
Sometimes the pain is to hurtful,
And the only release is to run.

To fly to a safe haven,
Sometimes troubles and life cannot be faced.
It's merely a human instinct.

So I'm sorry,
But those last words,
Shant work on me boy.

A friendship lasts forever,
So I guess we never had that?
But you still have my hand to wipe away your tears.

You still have me to talk to.
Sometimes you need to run,
But sometimes it's better to face the problem.

The life,
Your life.
Don't run from my words, you'll fall.

By Siobhan
Date: 27/June/2004