The Alpha Male

Chapter 1

    What is the alpha male?

Def: Alpha – the beginning; Male – being that procreates, begets, offspring by fructifying the female.

    What does that tell us? Jack. Well, beside the fact that it's their fault females have to go through nine months of carrying another human being inside them, then the excruciating pain they then go through trying to get that tiny person out. Therefore, the beginning of females' problems.

    But that can't be blamed on just the alpha male, rather the whole male species.

    We seem to be getting off the subject though. Again, the question: What is the alpha male?

My definition: Alpha – insufferable; Male – jerk!

    Can't get simpler than that…


    Alexa chewed the end of her pen as she re-read what she had written in the blank paged, plain covered book she took with her everywhere.

    She smirked with satisfaction.

    The smirk disappeared when the subject who had inspired her to write, sat back down next to her. He had gone to check with the pilot of the private jet, on their flight's coordinates.

    She immediately closed the book with a sharp snap. He looked down at the book in her lap almost lazily.

    He was just so dang cocky! The way he walked was cocky. Heck, he didn't just walk, he swaggered. Even the way he sat. Straight-backed, and legs wide apart. He looked relaxed, but also like he would be prepared for combat at any moment. His languid drawl grated on Alexa's nerves, and also the direct way he had of looking at a person, like he knew just what they were thinking.

    Man, she hated him.

    He, Roth Pierce, former Navy SEAL, was the epitome of the alpha male. A dominant, cocky, good-looking (and he knows it!), insufferable jerk.

    Yes, he was good-looking. His dark, masculine features were exotically alluring, she had to admit, even though she despised him. Well, she didn't exactly despise him, just rather disliked him strongly. It hadn't helped that he had made no effort to change her pre-conceived notions of him.

    He noticed her staring at him and turned his head to face her, raising his eyebrows almost mockingly.

    She was sure there had been a hint of mockery in his gaze, but he was always so expressionless that she wasn't sure if she had imagined it.

    "Yes?" his deep voice drawled in question.

    His composure was so annoying! She just wanted to ruffle him up.

    "I was just wondering what it felt like to have a stick shoved up your butt 24/7," she said casually, almost like it was a compliment.

    He continued to look at her calmly.

    Dang! No reaction.

    "The same way it feels to have to baby sit some bratty, blue-haired juvenile," he said, picking up a newspaper, ignoring her.

    Alexa flushed. She self-consciously fingered her blue locks, then wrinkled her nose.

    "I am not a juvenile. I'm turning nineteen in three weeks, and it's not like I asked for you to guard me," she snapped at him, trying to make a point she obviously knew he wouldn't acknowledge. "I'd be happier with a dog," she muttered, insultingly. "At least it would do a better job at obeying commands."

    "I'd be happier if you were a dog, because then at least I would understand why you were being such a bitch. Besides, it's not your orders that I have to obey. Now, if you don't shut up and cooperate, you may be dead before your birthday. Now will you please shut your mouth so no noise may proceed through it. It would be nice not to hear your voice for at least ten minutes."  He rolled his eyes. "Hell, it'd be nice not to hear your voice for the rest of my life," he muttered under his breath. The comment was meant for only himself to hear, obviously, but unfortunately she'd heard, and turned her whole body in her seat to glare daggers at him.

    The infamous cliché 'if looks could kill…" certainly applied here.

    "Would you like any beverages?" the pretty flight attendant interrupted their staring match.

    Alexa wanted to snarl at her, but refrained when Roth politely declined with a charming smile.

    She stared for a moment. In the past week that she'd been in his company, he'd not once smiled at her that way. In fact, she didn't think he'd smiled in her direction unless it was with smug satisfaction.

    Man, she hated him.

    Alexa watched, as Roth watched the girl walk back to the galley. There was a definite exaggeration to the sway of her hips.

    She rolled her eyes.


    "Planning on joining the Mile High club?" she asked sweetly.

    He turned back to her, smirking. "Who says I'm not already a member?"

    She made a disgusted noise, sitting back in her seat with a huff. She crossed her arms over her chest, deciding to ignore him.


    A petulant pout twisted her purple lipstick enhanced mouth.

    She didn't get why she seemed to be the one losing all their verbal battles. He was supposed to be getting pissed off, not her. She wished that she had never met him. If only she could have stayed blissfully ignorant of everything that had happened three weeks before. Then maybe her father would still be alive, and she and her brother wouldn't be on the run. She only hoped her brother, wherever he was, was safe.

    This was what it was like being associated with the mob. Real tight knit group, they are. If anyone was a threat, they were eliminated. Just like her father. And just like they were trying to now eliminate her and her brother, Joey.

    It was funny, growing up, Alexa's favourite films had been 'The Godfather', 'Married to the Mob' and all those kinds of movies. She guessed they had sort of reminded her of her own life. She just hadn't realised to what extent.

    And now, her father had been murdered after she had unknowingly let slip something to her 'Uncle Dom', which had led him to find out that her father had been in cahoots with the cops.

    And that was when Alexa had found out 'Daddy' hadn't really been a banker after all.

    That was why she was now on a private jet, going to some unknown location (unknown to her, anyway), with the biggest jerk she had ever met.

    This former SEAL, was supposedly protecting her until everything blew over and she was given a new identity.

    She'd made a deal with Interpol (International Police), who Roth now worked for, to help them anyway she could, and they'd provide her with a new life and all of the money her father had left in a trust for her and Joey. Which was a lot.

    A cell phone's shrill ring broke into her musings.

    Roth pulled the phone out of his pocket, answering curtly.

    "Pierce, here."

    He listened to the person on the other end of the line, before replying, "Darned if I know. And I don't want to know, so who cares? Just go over it, and don't bother me."

    He was silent for another moment.

    "Just get off your ass and find out yourself. Do your own job for once," he snapped angrily, his darkly tanned complexion went darker with unexpressed wrath.

    He's even hotter when he's angry, the unguarded thought popped into her head.

    She could have slapped herself for such a betraying thought, but was too intrigued, wanting to know who could make him so angry in two minutes, when she had been trying for a whole week!

    Alexa watched as he ended the call with suppressed violence, knowing how badly he must have wanted to throw the phone at something, but refrained from doing so.

    "Pleasant call?" she found herself saying. She could have hit her forehead for being so dumb as to try to provoke him at that moment.

    His eyes clashed with hers, and she had a 'moment' as some strong feeling passed through her. Like fear mingled with something else. It was a very heady sensation.

    He continued to stare at her, but his gaze became progressively lighter until it became his normal expressionless mask.

    "Very," he replied in a droll tone, then once again turned away, ignoring her.

    Man, she hated him.


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