Lost In The Memories
This night-time has lasted all of my life
Can't wait until I do not exist
I really think that sometime soon it's time to die
Acid rain tastes so much like your kiss
But I would never say you'd ever held me back
Did you ever hold me at all?
I've got to take a walk somewhere so close
I am still living in the fire
He said that I was too boring and morose
I told you all that I was tired
How could I ever say that you were on their side?
Did you ever treat them like this?
This isn't falling in love
This isn't falling a moment too soon for me
Because your little white lies
Are proving to be of no comfort to me
Get a grip on the beating of your damaged heart
Like your grip around my neck
You stood away from me, yeah you really stood apart
Gave me some time to reflect
I'd never ever say your that you shone too brightly
Even though you burned out my eyes
You burned out my eyes
You burned out my eyes
And I can't see anything through the guilt and the shame.