With each cut my arm does bleed
Rose petal tears for mistakes, pain, and greed.
Metallic shine reflects in my eye
Swallow my tears and do not cry
If only I had more courage to speak
Maybe my future wouldn't be so bleak
Red and black I can only relate
To the loneliness inside leading to this fate
Never thought I'd be like this
Never thought I'd feel Death's Kiss
Cradling the razor like jewels so rare
Thinking about times it was the only one there
Friends abandon Families hate
Think about these while knocking on Death's Gate
Imaginary friends sing my sad lament
I'm finally breathing happiness' scent
See my reflection in the water
Black hair and pale face, my tears become hotter
I wish I was still alive at times
But scars on my wrist change my mind
I'm no friend to miss, another empty seat in class
Father ran away, mother drunk on her ass
I guess things could've been better if I wanted them to
But sometimes are mean not to be true
Winners can be losers, their time will come
Cuts on my arm soon became numb
I be-friended the razors pain
And now alone in my room is where I hang
If this is found, it's just too late
Couldn't take so much isolation and hate
Slowly I circle, watching you
Watching you read this note as you do.
Your tears mean nothing to me now
To tell me you cared would've prevented this somehow
As rose petal tears fall from my wrist,
This is just one more person on Death's List.