The Clan Book 1

The Guardian

By writerforever & Timothy Smith

The Clans

In a place least expected lived a clan of cats. There was all different sorts of cats, black cats, white cats, calico cats, Persian cats, and many other breeds and colors. To everyone they appeared to be normal cats. But they were not ordinary cats. They had a clan called the Light clan. These cats lived in a dark musty barn that set on a country farm. These cats didn't just chase mice and lay around all day, but instead they were a kingdom. They were ruled by King Arthur a gray tom cat who believed in peace and tranquility. The cats of the Light clan lived in happiness never really having to worry about much. But their time of peace and joy would soon come to an abrupt end.

It was told by many of the wise elderly cats that one day peace and tranquility would be shattered. Evil would rush over the land and all the cats would have to take sides, either choose darkness or light. It was also told that a cat would be chosen to be the guardian of the Light clan. They would know the guardian by a white mark on his face. The cats waited, waited for the 'chosen' one that would guide them and protect them when evil would come to the land. . .

To Be Continued. . .