{l e t m e f i n d y o u l o v e}

there is a coiling red line to follow
and as I break out of this carapace
I twist, weave and melt into the girl
(waves do not break)

I come so close I can hear her heart
the sound of her presence resonates
and she resides here, giving a chance
(she does not leave)

there is never silence and tranquil
without her lacing into my arms
and never writhe from my possession
(arms will not un-mesh)

she smiles a smile that could elevate
anyone in need of propensity of love
not like myself, who rests with her
(smiles do not vaporize)

In hope to never feel yearning again
but what makes me whole is lingering
for her to be with me, for always
(do not leave just yet)

{d o n o t s l i p a w a y l o v e}