My Screaming Downfall~Part One

Grey clouds in broken sky,

Interpret my unhappiness.

Gloom suffocates this place like heavy fog,

And here I am,

In concrete form,

Frozen in fear.

Blood begins to rain down from raven clouds,

Seeping into my mouth.

I taste the many deaths through saltiness.

Alabaster angels fall from the sky,

To be completely shattered.

Rampant violence encompasses the area,

And people around me.

I force myself,

Not to result to tears...

...So I wait for you...

My love.

But then,

Shall we fight?

Yet what is there to fight?

All I see is insane havoc,

...And rain of blood...

Thunder echoes in the distance,

It sings of death...

I shiver,

Where are you?