My Screaming Downfall~Part Four

Huddled in the forest deep,

Surrounded by the ever-present darkness,

I am filled with ugly disillusionment,

I shall die tonight.

But should that not be better?

At this moment...

I do not know...

And shall not until I receive death.

Blood-caked hair,


In terror,


In soul,

In heart,

In mind.

I want all of my heart's pain to bleed out...

But it won't happen 'til I see you again.


Did I hear...?


Snap of a twig.

Something is coming.

I am erect in terror,

And lax in relief,

To be free of the reverberating slaughter...

To be with you again.

Shadows suddenly grow and shift around me,

Resonating like nightmares...

It is coming closer,

It is a demon,

I knew this,

But it is confirmed by the unearthly screeches approaching me.

My heart is violently beating in my chest,

Forcing me to gasp for precious air,

Reminding me of the horrible taste...

To be unsatisfied with damp bloody mist,

Of dismal death.

I hear the hellish creature's ragged breaths and shrieks,

So loud and close,

As to shatter ears.

I wait in painful prospect,

For this anguish to end.

It wants to make me wait,

I listen to its devastatingly slow steps,

Impending me.

I shut my eyes tightly,

For what seems like hours...

I hear the painful breaths looming in my face,

Stench of rotten flesh crawls up my nose,

Burning my nostrils,

Feeling compelled to open my eyes,

I look up to the burning eyes of my tormentor,

To find my insides torrid,

Swallowing screams that threaten to escape my throat.

It stares at me,


And as if daring me to scream...

Or run.

But I stay huddled in the gnarled roots of the tall tree,

Waiting for it to swallow me down its reeking throat,

To mangle me so that blood runs from my eyes.

It grabs my shoulders in bruising grip,

Breaking bones and rupturing veins,

Causing my final scream.

Bringing me to my longed for death.

Ending my life in hell.

Forever halting my pain.

Giving me my screaming downfall.

~/|*THE END OF MSD*|\~