Authors Note: I wrote this story because a friend of mine said I didn't know anything 'bout guys and I wanted to prove him wrong… it's not like my usual stories and it's in the guy's pov the whole time. I hope you enjoy it though. It'll only be one chapter long, one shot kind of thing just to prove him wrong!

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I gritted my teeth as I listened to her go on and on about everything and nothing at the same time. I don't even know why I gave her a ride! That's when her breasts pushed further into my back and I was reminded why. I let out a small smirk as I revved the engine and went faster, causing her to hold on tighter and push up against me even more. It also kept her from talking for a bit, that was until that annoying squeal hit my ears. That's when she started to giggle in my ear.

"Oh and then he was like, I love you but I was like, no you don't. So I told him to buzz off and-" God, there she goes again. How can someone possibly talk endlessly like her? And how could I have been THIS stupid to offer a ride home on my motorcycle. I guess when I saw her standing there with her friends in her mini skirt and tank top with those heels, I couldn't resist. But now I was regretting it.

"We're here." I said, pulling into the drive way. When she got off I leaned slightly backwards and looked at her. She was gorgeous, just if she didn't open her mouth and ruin it all everything would be fine. But nope, she had to open her big mouth… mmm, talking 'bout that big mouth.

"That was a lot of fun." Insert annoying giggle. I flashed my award winning smile at her, forced and fake of course but it satisfied her. She already had taken off the helmet and was holding it in her slim, tan arms. Her mini skirt had ridden up further so it was hard keeping my eyes on hers instead of rooming those long legs of hers. She leaned over, her blonde hair falling slightly in her face as her lips connected with mine. I moved my lips against her then felt her open her mouth as I slid my tongue in her mouth. I backed up and looked at her, she was giving me the look. The look that said 'just come upstairs'.

"Yeah, see you." I said sliding the helmet out of her hands and onto my head then revving the engine and speeding off. It's probably crazy of me, blowing her off like that but I know that if I wanted too, I could have her anytime I wanted. Its not that I'm full of myself, it's just I know who I can have and who I can't. And she's something EVERYONE can have. Anyways, I needed to pick my little sister up from school. Stupid ass punks were bothering her on the bus, if I ever saw them I'd ring their necks for messing with my baby sister.

I glanced up ahead and saw a truck on the side of the road, the hood up and smocking. I chewed on the side of my mouth as I glanced at my watch. A half an hour until my sister got out of school, enough time to help the poor idiot that probably knows nothing about the engine. I pulled over and stopped my motorcycle.

"Need some help?" I was surprised when a girl turned around and cocked an eye brow at me. I was glad that I hadn't taken off my helmet or raised my visor because then she would of saw me looking at her… no more like gawking at her. Her beach blonde hair was pulled into a messy pony tail with pieces falling into her tanned and greasy face that held beautiful green eyes. My eyes ran down her body, she was wearing a wife beater, baggy blue jeans that hung loosely to her hips and a sweater tied around her hips.

"The engine is completely totaled; I was actually on my way to the garage to get it fixed." She said and my attention was snapped back up to her face. Her hands also had grease on them and she wiped away sweat from her forehead. That's how, I guessed, she got the grease on her face.

"You want a ride then?" I asked, taking off my helmet and letting my dark brown hair fall into my eyes. I pushed them back in annoyance; I really needed to get a hair cut. She gave me a small smile and tilted her head to the left.

"I dunno'…" She said and I couldn't help but smirk at her. Not forced or fake in the least. She was just so damn sexy standing there and she didn't even seem to notice it! She leaned back slightly and looked over her shoulder, at the trashy truck behind her. I leaned on my handle bars and gave her a lazy smile.

"I'll drive you to your garage, how 'bout that?" I offered. She looked up at the sky and then took a step towards me, smiling. I held out my helmet and she reached out a hand to take it but the seemed to notice the state of her hands.

"Crap." I couldn't help but laugh as she quickly wiped her hands on her jeans, leaving black grease spots here and there. She looked up at me, her cheeks turning a pink color as I smirked once again at her. She smiled, seemingly shyly, back at me. None of this fake innocence crap, just genuine embracement.

"Don't worry 'bout it." I said, shrugging it off and she flashed me a bright smile that nearly blew me on. Lucky for me she was already putting on the helmet so she couldn't see how she was affecting me. "Never put on a helmet or what?" I asked, laughing slightly as I reached up and helped her with the helmet.

"Actually, no I haven't. I'm usually the one in the front." She said, smirking at me and getting on behind me. At first I didn't think she was going to hold on, which was a bad idea but then she laced her darkly tanned arms around my stomach and told me where the garage was. I revved the engine once more and quickly drove off. I waited for her to start talking endlessly about everything but she never did. My stomach felt a bit weird, like there was a huge balloon in it and it was still being blown up. I've never had this feeling before, wonder if it was something I ate.

"So why are you driving that truck if you knew it wasn't doing so well?" I asked, for once starting up the conversation. She wasn't pushed up against me like the other blonde girl was, no she was holding on quite loosely but I could still feel her body heat threw my black shirt.

"Not mine, I was getting it fixed for my brother. Mine is great, Dodge Ram 2500, with the hemi engine-" She stopped and laughed slightly. "Sorry, I get carried away when it comes to my truck." She said, sounding a bit embarrassed and I noticed that her voice was soft and so calming. For once I didn't mind if she went on and on.

"No problem, I'm the same way with my bike." I said, patting the side of it with a grin as we stopped at a red light. Her bell like laugh rang out and I found myself grinning wider. How could someone be so sexy without even knowing it?

"It's great too… 600R Yamaha…" I looked back at her in amazement. No girl had said anything 'bout my bike besides that it was shiny and pretty. I saw the twinkle in her eye as she looked into mine. "Why do you look so surprised?" She asked but I didn't have time to answer right away as the light turned green.

"Because none of the girls I've known, well besides my sister, knows what this bike is…" I said truthfully, turning a corner a bit too quickly and a bit too widely, making her grip on me tightened slightly.

"Well I'm one of a kind." She said, sacristy dripping from her tone as I glanced back at her in question. "Just the normal, you're a tomboy, why don't you go shopping? Get some girl friends." She said with a sigh, her chest rubbing slightly against me as it heaved up and down. Tomboy hadn't even crossed my mind when I saw her. "Oh by the way I'm Kodii." She said, the happy tone back in her voice.

"Ajay." I said. Using I just told people it was Jay because I've never liked Ajay too much, anyways it always reminds me of that stupid back street boy that my sister use to listen too.

I pulled into the front of the garage and was a bit disappointed when she got off, her right hand sliding slightly over my right pocket. She took off the black helmet and handed it to me. Her beach blonde hair was even messier then before now but if possible, she just looked sexier to me.

"Thanks for the ride Ajay." She said, smiling. I smiled back at her and knew that I couldn't have her. Like I said, I wasn't full of myself… I knew who I could and couldn't have and she was just out of my reach.

"No problem, I'd like to see that truck of yours sometime." I said, finding myself going against my own will and trying to get to see her again sometime. I didn't get it, I've never felt like this before about any girl. I just wanted what they would give to me, anything from a kiss to sex. Didn't matter to me, I'd never see them again, right? So why was Kodii so different?

"Yeah, I'll see you around." She said, giving me a small wave before walking off into the garage. I sighed and shoved the helmet on my head. I drove off faster then I normally do, pushing 65 on a 45 road. I was at my sisters Middle School in five minutes flat and pulled up to the side walk where I looked around for her. I don't know what it is about my sister but it's just easy to tell her out of a crowd. She wasn't that tall, stood around 5'4 at the age of 13. She was pretty, that much was obvious, and she had gotten my mothers beautiful looks where I had gotten my fathers rugged looks.

"A!" I looked up, taking my helmet off and smiling at my sister as she jogged over to me, waving at her friends who giggled, pointed to me and walked off. She took the helmet out of my hands and then frowned. "What's wrong?" She asked and I shook my head, once again I was amazed how well she knew me. "Hey, what's that?" She grabbed something that was sticking out of my pocket and unfolded it. A piece of paper? I don't remember putting that in there. "Oh a phone number… Kodii?" She gave me a confused look as I grabbed the paper out of her hands and looked at it.

"She's a girl I helped out…" I said, smiling slightly. I looked up at my sister to see her grinning widely at me. "What?" I scowled at her but that just made her grin wider.

"You like her! It's so obvious, it's written all over you face! AW my little A is growing up! Finally noticing girls can be used for other things then pleasure." She said, sticking her tongue at me. I rolled my eyes and started the engine.

"Will you just get on squirt?" I said, ignoring her taunting. I felt her get on and shoved the paper into my pocket. Maybe… just maybe she wasn't so far out of my reach.