« You… You're Sedona. » said Colin disbelievingly. If she'd used the knife for what he automatically assumed she had, then there was ample explanation for Rhys' obsession. Killer for a killer, after all.

« Yes. » she said, nodding slowly. « You're Colin. » a statement not meant to be questioned, yet puzzled over. She strode past him into the house purposefully.

« Hey, don't get any blood on our hand-painted Japanese tiles ! » warned Colin as he closed the door, following closely behind her.

« What is it, Col ? » yelled Ethan from the living room.

« Rhys' psychopathic girlfriend decided to pay us a visit ! » yelled Colin, following closely behind the girl.

She whirled around, yielding the knife. « Don't you dare associate me with that vermin. » she hissed.

« Who, Rhys ? » asked Colin. Though he knew very well who she meant.

She didn't say a word, just strode through the living room and into the kitchen. She turned the tap on quickly, washing away at the knife until it was clean. She towel-dryed it quickly before setting onto the counter and turning to the two men in front of her.

« Nothing is what it seems. » she said.

« What ? » muttered Ethan.

« Nothing is what it seems. » Sedona repeated firmly. « Quite honestly. Everything is a sham. Even your precious boyfriend. » this last comment she addressed to Colin.

« What's that's supposed to mean ? » snapped Ethan. Though he and Sedona both knew.

« That's what I'd like to know. » Colin followed up. He regearded Sedona warily, waiting for her to clarify her accusations.

« Ethan. Last name ? » she seemed calm, eerily confident as she began to pace the kitchen.

« Sumers. »

« Wrong. » she replied immediately. «Your last name is MacDougal. »

« Right. » he nodded slowly. « McDougal. Just where the hell do you get your info, lady ? »

« From in here. » she motioned to her head. Moved her hand to her left breast emphatically. « And here. Don't fuck around, Ethan, we both know this is just a game. Lose or win, your choice. »

« I prefer to draw. » he snapped. « How dare you barge into our home uninvited, flinging around accusations- »

« These accusations aren't so serious! The only thing flinging around here is bullshit ! » she turned to Colin, « Would he be so upset, so angry, if everything I said were a lie ? » she shot out.

« Get out. » said Ethan, pushing her towards the door.

« Would he ?! » she shrieked at Colin.

« Get out ! » Ethan yelled.

« No. » said Colin softly. « Don't send her away. » his eyes had an odd gleam. « She's right. Normally you'd just smile and laugh and say, what the hell. But you aren't. You're angry. You're nervous. You're worried. »

« Lose or win, your choice, I said ! » cried Sedona triumphantly. She stuck out her hand, thumb in the air, slowly, she turned rotated it until it pointed downwards. « You lose. »

« Explain. » said Colin. « Now. »

« No. » said Ethan. But his voiced lacked conviction now, it wavered. « Don't listen to her, Colin. She's… She's just crazy. » the corner of his mouth turned up into a sneer. « Just one big crazy bitch. »

Colin eyes swung, like a pendulum, back and forth, back and forth, watching the two opponents of a non-existant wrestling ring.

« We both now that you're a bit more familiar with the dark side than you'd like to be. » said Sedona to Ethan. Her eyes were cold, unforgiving, though for what purpose, Colin wasn't all that sure.

« All the parties happen at night anyways. » Ethan's grin was wide, though his eyes darkened in pent up anger, and fear. He had a general idea why this girl was here, and for what.

Sedona ignored him, and turned to Colin, she took a seat on the counter and crossed her legs. « Once upon a time. There was a guardian angel who decided he didn't want to be a servant of God, but would much rather serve Satan. » she paused to smile briefly, a quick flash of white against alabaster skin and hollow cheeks . (A/N – SEE ! I CAPITALIZED SATAN ! I GUESS THAT MAKES ME A SATANIST ! HUH ? HUH ? JK.)

« The true reason for his change of mind and will and belief was that he was bored with the way of the heavens. So he went down to hell. But this way of life did not please him either. The ways of the dark angels bored him. He wanted something more interesting, like, say, Earth so he commissioned for mortal placement, which was where he was placed into the role of his mortal equivalent. » her lips curved into an insincere smile. « The catch of being in mortal equivalent was that if one mortal should find the truth, then that mortal equivalent is destined to burn in hell. The guardian angel's name was Ethan MacDougal. »

Ethan looked at her, and then Colin and then her again in absolute horror. His arm promptly burst into flame. He began shrieking.

« But what of the mortal he was to guard ? » cried Sedona over the sounds of Ethan's screams, eerily calm. « It is said that when a mortal equivalent is a guardian angel, his mortal was left with no guardian angel at all. So they wer given perminent and unbiased access to hell. Without death or destruction. Unless it was applied to them directly. »

Ethan's legs promptly burst into flame as well. The wails grew louder.

Sedona's voice was deathly quiet and unforgiving. « If it weren't for you, you self-centered son of a bitch, I would never have found myself in the most feared realm in the entire world… Hell. »

She looked to Ethan, who was now completely engulfed in flames, his shrieks had escalated to a noise that both she and Colin knew no human being could possibly produce.

She cocked her head to the side, all serenity and chilling nonchalance. « But no matter. » she said. « Because hell's freezing over. »

« I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. » murmured Rhys under his breath. He wandered down the street in the dark of the night, his trenchcoat billowing out behind him.

« There they are standing in a row… » his breath made steam in the crisp cool air. And every inhale burned his throat. But he didn't care. He wasn't supposed to give a damn, after all. « Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. »

« Give 'em a twist, a flick of the wrist, that's what the showman said… » the voice was cold and calm, wallowing up the road, which suddenly seemed too narrow. Made thin and almost inaudible by the wind.

« Oh, I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. » Rhys continued warily.

« Every ball you throw will make me rich… » the voice followed up feebly.

« There stands me wife, the idol of me eye. » Rhys whispered.

« Singing roll a bowl a ball a penny a pitch… » the voice was suddenly louder, right next to him.

He turned, chilled to the marrow, which was, evidently, a nastily foreign feeling.

« Oh, no, you shan't find me over there. »

He turned towards the voice.

« Or there. Silly. » said the voice, somehow, with the innocent tone of a child, but the dangerous undercurrent of a cat toying with a mouse.

He whirled around again. This time he saw her. Sitting on a fence, head swinging in beat to the nursery rhyme.

« Georgie Porgie Puddin' and Pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry… »

As he started towards her, she disappeared.

He whirled, she was advancing towards him, a tall woman, towering over him with smooth locks of dark hair and pale eyes, swinging her hips like apendulum, one made to catch the eye and infiltrate the brain.

A slight twist and you're in.

A slight tweak and you're out.

She'll cut you and laugh while you bleed, walk away as you trash about.

« When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away. »

« Vampire. » the words were on his lips before his brain had merged with the meaning.

« Oh, baby. You have no idea. » she said. And lunged.

Miles away, Ereych woke with a start. He'd just had the oddest dream. About dragons and ships and powers and clouds. And a girl with soft eyes and a warm smile.

But there was no time for that now. Yawning, he wandered into the living room of his cramped apartment. He sat and turned on the t.v..

The face on the screen cause him to sit up abruptly. It was that of a very old woman, yet at the same time, a very young woman. She stared out a at him and spoke, softly, yet somehow all sounds quieted themselves so they could listen.

« Hello Ereych. »

He stared at the screen, shocked, almost angry.

« You are confused. I understand. I am here to warn you. Very shortly you will come upon a discovery so great and so wonderful that you will find it unbelievable, impossible to imagine. But you will have to. It is crucial to the survival of mankind. To the veryu survival of reality, the all-holy balance of life and growth itself. »

« The all-holy balance ? » he muttered, confused.

« Life and Death. Dark and Light. Man and Woman. Adult and child Love and Hate. The infinite opposite of the world, woven delicately into the cloth of reality. Truth and Lie. Reality and Unreality. Those are your weapons of knowledge. Use them. »

« When am I supposed to use them ? » asked Ereych. « Why me ? »

« Soon. » was all the woman gave for an answer.

Ereych wanted to ask more, but the woman's image was abruptly replaced by a dateline commercial.

« Speed date, pick up the phone, dial 1-800-GET LAID, and put your lethargy to rest ! »

« What the hell. » Eryech muttered softly before turning it off.

At that exact moment there was a knocking on his door.

Oh god. He turned to the door. He daren't open it. His hand twitched. He was suddenly reminded of a night, years ago, when he had had to make this exact decision.

Rhys voice seemed to echo abotu his head feebly ; Ereych, I did a bad thing.

He stood silently and opened the door.

The person directly in front of him was a thin blonde boy with a silver container clutched in shaking clammy hands.

« Hello. » said Ereych. There wasn't really much else to say.

« Hi. » squeeked the boy.

Ereych looked towards the container. « What's in there ? Cookies ? » his voice took on a hopeful note. He hadn't had cookies for ages.

« No. » the boy squeeked, who, upon closer inspection, didn't appear to be much of a boy at all. Boy-man ? The boy was still shaking, shook his head, but stopped abruptly, as if it made him sick to do so. « No, » he said again, looking at the container with glassy eyes. « My boyfriend. »

Ereych choked. « Wait. Your boyfriend is in the Jar ? »

« Mm-hm. » the boy-man appeared to be on the verge of tears.

« Er… Why ? » asked Ereych, inching towards the phone. If he could just remember which speed dial button the mental hospital was on…

« There was this girl… »

Ereych's hand closed around the phone. What was it ? Eight ? Nine ? Six ?

« She had this knife, and it was all bloody… »

No… Nine was the police… so it was either six or eight….

« She dripped some on the tiles, I think. »

Eight was the pizza place… Or was it the Taxi Company ?

« She said some stuff… »

Five was the Taxi Company.

« And then he.. then he… »

So eight was the Pizza place. Therefore six was the mental hospital.

Unfortunately Ereych chose that exact time time to tune in.

« Oh lord…he.. he just… » Colin motioned helplessly with his hands, « well… he lit up… Not in a really slow manner… it was more of.. well gosh.. I suppose you could say he spontaneously combusted so to speak… and then here I was, watching my boyfriend die and… the psychopath girl, i think she might have almost enjoyed it, in a manner of speaking, anyhow… you know what she said ? »

« No. Enlighten me. » said Ereych dryly. His finger found the six button on the phone.

« She said.. she said… 'Get a broom.'. » said Colin, before fainting dead away.

Hastily, Ereych pushed the button and brought the phone to his ear. It rung for a minute before somebody picked up.

« Hello, Giovanni's Pizza Place, how may I help you ? »

It was a wonder he didn't turn into a quivering mass of tears right there.

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