His face haunts my dreams.
Blue eyes I can look into forever.
Hair soft as silk.

I lost it all.
Icy shadow falling over me.
My illusion taking over.
I run with you in dreams.
Wish I could have you.

Reminds me of him.
The smell, the color.
Lost in you.
Wish you were lost in me.

My illusion has a face.
A face I cannot touch.
A face not in this life.
Just his paper life.

That's all he is.
A paper dream.
A man on paper and T.V.

His face embedded in my mind,
Carved forever.
I hear your name
and wish upon a star that you were real.

Can only dream.
Of my illusion being real.
Torankusu in Japan,
Trunks here.
Wish I was in your life.
My illusion
Is my man of choice.