Author's Note:

Elle is pronounced as /e'-lee/ and not /el'/. Yeah, it should probably be spelled Ellie to be read that way but I like it the way it is.

I've been using DSV University for the longest time. It's kind of my canon school. As well as The Shack-everyone's favorite hang-out, which will come up in later chapters.

This scene might be kind of confusing. It starts off with Elle (or Elle's party) talking first, then Aaron (or Aaron's party), then Elle, then Aaron again. But I think it gets the point across.



"Everybody always takes me so seriously," Elle Foster muttered over her turkey sandwich. "It sucks."


"Nobody takes me seriously," Aaron Williams said nonchalantly, leaning back on the cafeteria bench. "It's fun."


"You two should get together."


"That girl?" Aaron made a face as he looked across the room to the brunette at the table near the sidelines of the cafeteria, more commonly known as the 'Brain Block' because it was at that area of the cafeteria that the Book Club, the Chess Club and some Science Club people convened. "I don't know," he shrugged. "Isn't she like always serious? The next thing you know, she'll be talking like commitment on me."

"Are you kidding me, man? I just heard she was looking for a fling," Dean Carter beside him said.

"Elle Foster?" Aaron asked, skeptically.

Dean patted his back. "She may not look it, dude, but she's a player, and she's tired of serious guys from what I hear."

Aaron paused thoughtfully, "Well she does have potential."


"That guy?" Elle wrinkled her nose as she cast a glance across the cafeteria to the guy at the 'elite table' occupied by jocks, cheerleaders and the who's who of DSV University. "Well, he sounds like the perfect guy for what I need but he wouldn't go out with me in a million years. He'd think I was Little Miss Serious," she rolled her eyes knowingly.

"That's just your problem," her friend Tia Rollins commented, stirring her tea. "You look serious so everyone automatically assumes you're serious."

"What?" Elle asked, seeming offended. "If people can't see past appearances, that's their problem and their loss."

Tia shrugged. "There's a point," she said. "Who knows? Maybe he's the key. I heard he's a total playboy. After him, people would surely forget how boring or serious all the time you supposedly are. Isn't that what you want?"

"Kinda hard to knock off a geek label but," Elle shrugged, "you're absolutely right. And with Aaron Williams, there's absolutely no way he'd get serious on me that I have to bail."


"It's perfect."

"It would be perfect. The question is—how?"


"No problem," Aaron Williams shrugged confidently as he stood up, patting Dean's back before he started away from their table.

Dean swallowed his latest mouthful and watched Aaron's back as he sauntered across the cafeteria, headed towards the 'Brain Block'. "Sure buddy," he raised his hand in farewell. "Catch you later!" he mumbled loudly.


"You were asking?" Tia elbowed Elle and gestured to the guy who was approaching their table.

Elle looked up from the remnants of her sandwich and blinked in surprise. "Where is he going? Do you think he's lost?" she asked, looking around and behind them to look for any other jock table in the vicinity but she knew there weren't any. "Maybe he wants to sign up for the magazine," Elle rationalized dryly.

Tia shot her a ridiculous look.

"Humor me," Elle said under her breath. She met Aaron's gaze steadily as he walked up to the table.

"Hi," Aaron greeted with a disarming smile at Elle.

Elle raised her eyebrows in acknowledgment, leaning forward, her elbows on the table. "Hey," she replied with a dazzling smile.

That was it.