Reflections in the crystal pools,
I stare into the unmoving waters and the image stares back at me,
Unblinking, unmoving, silent
I feel myself spilling into the reflection in the pools,
Becoming one.
The waters ripple, distorting the mirror of me,
Inside my soul cringes from what it feels, what I show it night and day,
But the pools still, become placid once again while my soul is mended
What do I seek in the crystal waters?
An answer
A destiny
A release
From a part of nature that never passes judgement, never speaks,
But always listens.
My mind wanders to those places unknown as my tears become the rain
disturbing the crystal pools.
Small waves spread across the pools until the waters become still once
Pain rises only to die away within my heart, my soul.
I am the waters, the crystal pools,
I am the sea, the lakes, the streams, the rivers.
My feelings move the water,
The crashing waves,
The white rapids.
A part of me lives in those crystalline pools,
Always gazing up at me, waiting to hear my words.
The forever sympathetic ear,
Crying with me, laughing with me,
The true friend I never had.
I splash my hand across the waters and the image breaks,
Only to return,
The way a friend is meant to be, never leaving your side.
Stay with me and listen my
Reflection in the crystal pools.