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For almost a fort-night, Kaundia of Byieranu had been troubled. Over and over she had experienced the same dream, and every night it continued to become more and more confusing.
Seeking water, and a place to think, she carefully got up from her place between her two friends. They had camped out by the river that was still in the barriers of Byieranu, after having convinced their parents that they were old enough to go out on their own.
It was the start of dawn; the entire forest seemed to be waking up. The bright light radiating from the raising sun seemed to colour the forest around her a hundred different colours of pink, purple and orange. It shown through the dew-drops on the fern, painted the forest with a rainbow of shades and colours. Beside the river sat a tree stump, covered in green- blue ivy. It's the throne, Kaun thought, for the master of this beauty.
Kaun started towards it excitedly; it would be the ideal place to use her reading cards.
She un-twined the aqua coloured silk that she kept her lirates in. Kaun had twisted the silk around it tightly so no one would see them, though she knew, secretly, every one owned them.
Shuffling them in her hands, Kaundia lied the pile down in the middle of the stump, making sure she didn't put them in any water.
She drew a card and put down face down on the stump. She drew four more cards, placing them on each side of the first card, in a simple diamond pattern.
Kaundia flipped over the middle card. 'The magic' Kaun sighed. It was the same card she got every time she had done a reading. The next, she knew, on the left would be the sword. On the right; the mirror. Above; the soul. Bottom; the many.
It was always like this; every time. Kaun sighed again, and lied down on the damp grass with her eyes closed.
"Kaundia," Jaokern of Byieranu stood over her, brown hair falling into his eyes. "What are you doing?"
Jaokern was one of Kaun's closest friends. They had met when they were very young, and they were going through training together.
Kaun opened one eye and looked up at him. His head blocked out the sliver of the morning sun. The little light that the sun had given off created a halo of orange light around his dark head. His icy blue eyes stood out brilliantly against his creamy brown skin, and he always seemed to be looking right through Kaundia, into her soul. It always made Kaun feel a bit uncomfortable around him, but at the same time wildly excited.
He was already dressed in his training clothes; a silvery gray linen tunic with longs sleeves and common brown training breeches.
"Practice today?" Kaundia asked, sitting up. She reached for her lirates, knowing that Jaokern wouldn't like to see her with them. Jaokern's eyes followed her hands as she packed up the cards.
"Jaokern?" His eyes went back to her face. She blushed and looked back at her cards. Jaokern continued to watch her, gaze flicking from her cards to her face.
Kaun glanced at him and sighed. "What's wrong? You're acting a bit strange."
Jaokern met her gaze. "Nothings wrong with me. You're the one acting strange." Kaundia looked away. She couldn't stand to hold his eyes, for he could see every lie she made. "I've been having unusual dreams lately."
To her surprise Jaokern sat down beside her on the wet grass. He smiled at her. "Tell me."
Kaundia closed her eyes, trying to relive the dream behind her eyelids. She bit her lip. Could she really trust him?
Jaokern placed his hand on her shoulder. "You can trust me."
Kaundia nodded at him, and took a deep, shaky breath. Secretly she smiled to herself; Jaokern could almost always tell what she was thinking.
"It starts out in a clearing in a forest, and I'm standing in the middle of it. There's a blue light coming from the sky, but I can't move to look up at it; I'm paralyzed. Suddenly a black figure -I can't tell if it's a man or a woman- is standing not far from me. It raises its arm and points at me, and my body suddenly becomes very hot. After a few moments, the heat becomes unbearable. I try to scream, but nothing happens.
"Suddenly it raises its arm higher and I lift off the ground. Then, before it can do anything with me, there's cracking sound from the forest, and a pack of massive wolfs come out of the trees. They seem to be after the sorcerer. The being looks at the wolfs, then at me, and drops his arm. I hit the ground, and then am jerked up to my feet by an invisible force of some kind.
"The sorcerer is looking at the wolfs now; not at me. But suddenly, he speaks, and I can still remember his voice." Kaundia's breath had speed up. She wiped sweat off her brow with a trembling hand. Jaokern waited patiently.
Kaun shook her head slowly.
"His voice is deep, but flowing. Almost like one of a gypsy; taunting and seductive at the same time. 'You will fight for me,' He says, gaze still on the wolfs. A sword and the hoshetio appear beside me."
Jaokern gasped quietly. A hoshetio was the sign of magic, and only those with strong magic workings in their souls could be gifted with the hoshetio.
Kaundia looked at Jaokern, her cheeks flushed. "That's all. It ends there."
Jaokern stared into her brown eyes.
"No it's not." He said quietly. "You're lying."
Tears formed in the girl's eyes.
"I know." Kaundia closed her eyes, causing the tears to roll down her face. "I chose the hoshetio.

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