Dying Love


What is love?

People over the years have asked that. And one of these people was Suzumi Tennyo a young silver ruby dragon spirit. She always wanted to find someone who would love her…. she thought if she found that perfect person everything in her life would be fine. But what she didn't know was that her life wasn't going to be fine…. after finding out she was arranged to be married to a Lord of another dragon clan, thinking she would fall for him. But instead fall's for another and having him feel that same way.

This is her story, they story of how her life changed for the better and worse. Reading this you will be able to see what happened to her. How she fell in love any to have her true love killed before her eyes. You'll be able to read and feel that happiness and pain/suffering she went through.

Now read if you dare and enter this young woman's life.