Once upon a time, the world made sense. Then mutants were born. The media got a hold on the idea and the next thing you know, its all fictionalized in comics or movie like Xmen or books about kids in a mythical land called 'Talents' who had a brain chemistry malfunction from drinking water from land where ancient creatures with magic lived. Well, mutants, if that's what you want to call them, are real, and nothing like in comics or on tv or in books. They are a long ranging Heritage stretching back generations. Most are snobs, I admit, and refuse to mix with those of other mutant families, but for the most part, they are just like you. I should know, I am of the mutant persuasion. Although my family would never accept me if they knew the truth. I am only half what they think I am. No, I am not human, and no I am not an alien either.

I guess I need to explain something to you nons: Unlike in the world of fiction, where random mutants get randomly generated powers, in real life powers are passed down in the family, and if to many types mix together and 'crossbreed' as some would say, a 'vortex' as I call them, is born. Vortexes have no power, they live off the auras of those around them, causing pain everywhere they go. So, in my world, bloodlines stick together, and for the most part different bloods play together but only similar breeds will get family permission to marry. The Counsel, made up of mind-feelers, (think Prof. X) keep track of who mates with whom, and controls the mutant population. It is completely acceptable to marry human, although if the man is the human, the children will rarely ever be mutant, the gene is passed down by the father.

My family is made up of Changers. We can change our appearances and voices, like the glamour created by a witch, except ours goes further to physically change the bone structure etc. My extended family cannot, however, change into an animal. My grandmother married an Animage, a person who can become any animal, so my mother, her three siblings and my cousins and I can become animals. That was one of the approved of matches, my grandparents. Other powers that are deemed acceptable for someone of my breeding to marry are Communicators, who can speak to animals; or Water sprites, who can liquefy themselves. It sounds so ridiculous, but that is the way things go, and children are raised to never question and always follow the rules so the humans will leave us alone.

My mother, unfortunately, fell in love one summer when she was away at school, and not with an acceptable man. My grandparents were very strict and didn't want her even associating with other breeds, so she attended a private school for Changers over in Europe. Her roommate, Cindy, invited her to stay for the summer, and my mother convinced her parents to let her. What they didn't know was that Mother's friend was sent to private school because she was a trouble maker who partied hard at her old school and had been sleeping around with other breeds, and her parents were afraid she'd end up with a mixed baby who couldn't use its powers.

Anyway, Mother and Cindy visited some of Cindy's old classmates at her former school, and that's where Mother met Father. Father was what bigots call a Weather witch, and what everyone else called an Elemental. Father always calls himself a Weatherer, so that's the word I use, too. Weatherers are considered the white trash of the mutant world; however, they are, in my opinion, the most normal, down-to-earth and carefree. Weatherers can get a little temperamental at times, but my father's family is the nicest family in his neighborhood.

Fortunately for Mother, that neighborhood is located twenty-five hundred miles from her neighborhood, so her parents didn't know a thing, and still don't, about my father's family. So, being the youth that she was, my mother fell in love and my parents decided to lie to both their families, each claiming the other was just human so the one and only time they met, neither brought up the mutant thing. For a good five years, my parents dated and spent each summer together, sending my grandmother, the hopeless romantic, pictures of the two of them and their friends in all the best countries in Europe. Grandfather was not ecstatic that his daughter was with a human, but he agreed he made her happy and that was all that mattered.

To make a long story short, they married out of college, had me and held onto their charade for years until I was about four. Then my father died and we broke all contact with his side of my family. Mother and I lived in a house just down the street from my grandparents' home. If i hadn't been my father's child, I'm sure we would have lived with my mother's family, but she dared not risk it while I grew into my powers. She remarried a very understanding Changer named Patrick who loves my mother and me no matter what, and completely gets why no one else can know about my lineage or my unique gifts. I have a younger sister and three younger brothers, all Changers and all knowing I am a special kind of Changer, but not about my father.

It's hard to understand the situation I'm in, and even harder to live it, but recently things have started to look up. I'm headed off to boarding school, although not the one I'm 'supposed' to be going to. I will be attending my father's alma mater, a small school on an island near Ireland, unknown to the public and much of the world. This is my life at Psynacher Academy.