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Chapter Four: Yay! Time with friends! Not.

Luckily, I didn't have to wait long for Reac to react to me. Apparently, I was walking too slowly for his tastes. Oops.

He grumbled to himself, "'Be nice to her', he says. 'Try to accept it and make her feel welcome,' he says. Welcome, my ass" before gruffly grabbing my arm and glaring at me while he literally dragged me down the hall. "Will you hurry up? It's bad enough I had to be pulled from my free period because of you, and miss half of dinner because of you, I refuse to lose out on the one good meal they serve here a week because of you."

"Whatever, Mr. Oshert," I teased, laughing as he growled, "I have had quite enough fun for one day, and for your information, I haven't eaten all day because of the fact that the stupid boat company only seems to serve foods that I am allergic to. I would love to get to dinner as much as you, but my idiot, spoiled roommate left me to clean all afternoon, besides being an unfriendly bitch who probably would not be caught dead near me. So, you see, if I am going to have any chance of remembering where anything is, I will have to pay attention to my surroundings. Even if that wasn't the case, I feel exhausted enough from my lack of having any more energy, and if we walk too fast, you can kiss your dinner plans good-bye because I will pass out and you will be stuck dragging my lifeless body wherever it is one would take a lifeless body in this hell hole."

Reac didn't miss a beat. "Whatever, you bitch. Pull all the bullshit attention stunts you want, just don't involve me. Cuz, to tell ya the truth, I would let your body rot if you dared to faint on me. I really couldn't care less about your stuck-up, mightier than thou attitude and your domineering, sneering outlook on this whole school. I saw the way you looked at the buildings, and the students, and the staff. I don't get why people like you think you can just come and take over as if you have a right. Don't talk to me again. And don't call me Mr. Oshert, Fauna." He turned and just left me there. The arrogant, self-absorbed, egotistical bastard.

Stay calm, stay calm. I hurried to catch up to him, trying not to look too much like a pathetic loser who actually needed him. "Sure, Reac, sink to the immature level and call me by my real name. See if I care. I'm what outside people like to call an adult. I don't lash out just cuz I hate change the way you do. Yes, I'm pissed that I'm coming here, but have I done a thing to you yet? No, I have not. And it's not as if I'm taking away your study time. I'm probably going to have to go out of the way to get a tutor or stay after becuz of you, but am I resentful? No. So just drop the fucking self-pitying bullshit and then we can go to dinner and never speak again." I turned away and headed in the direction we had been going, hoping I could figure out where to go.

Surprisingly, and fortunately, he followed me. Rather submissively, too. Talk about mood swings. The silence stretched over the next twenty feet, then we came to the end of the hall. I stopped, trying to decide whether to go left or right, when he went all macho on me again and grabbed my elbow, dragging me to the left. By the time we got to the corridor leading to the dining hall, he was almost swaggering. I just rolled my eyes. Suddenly, my bitchy roommate appeared, acting all happy and shit. "Oh, Nomia, I finally found you. I am supposed to make sure you survive your first week of meals, and if I had to put up with those hoity-toity do-gooder bitches looking at me for one more minute, I would have screamed. They didn't even believe me that you were with Headmaster Bredon." She continued to ramble on as she dragged me into the room. But I couldn't help but hear Reac's final remark before I disappeared inside.

"Yeah, Fauna, we wouldn't want you to be unpopular or have to sit all alone your first meal with us."