Always shunned and spit upon,
I don't belong here.
There is always something that sets me apart.
It's her again, the girl who never smiles,
The girl who always complains,
The girl who can't hear like we can.
Run away and hide before she contaminates our perfect images.
Perfect images? What perfect images?
You are all wrong, stupid, and disrespectful.
You remind me of Hitler,
Killing those who don't fit within the perfect race.
Maybe you aren't killing literally, that's beyond you, isn't it?
But you kill inside, make people hate who they are,
Make them feel like they have no place they belong.
Why do you hate me so? Why am I the one everyone is afraid of?
What did I ever do to you? Nothing.
You aren't afraid of what I did, you are afraid of what I could do.
Do you enjoy slashing apart my soul?
My heart?
My dreams?
Well fuck you, all of you.
Justice will defeat you in the end for the meek shall inherit the earth.
You wait. Enjoy your ill-found glory while you can.
In the meantime I will smile knowing God while punish you all in the end.
At least I can tell you to stop your God Damn disrespect and scorn.
Leave me and everyone you hate alone!
Your past will haunt you,
The future will destroy you.
Remember me, oh yes, remember that girl you teased way back when,
For it will be the last thing you remember
When you burn
In Hell.