Holly Umbra sat in her white chamber, her brown hair piled up onto her head carelessly. She sat on the soft lime green sheets of her bed. She flipped a page in her school workbook and sniffled, wiping stray tears from her mahogany brown eyes and light bronze cheekbones. She hated her school so much.

She hadn't always hated it. Well, not until a month ago, when her only and best friend stopped talking to her. Holly didn't understand why Capricornia had just gradually grown apart from her. It wasn't Holly who changed. Thinking about this, Holly's lip quivered and her eyes filled again. Flooding over again, the tears spilled rapidly down her blotched face.

Right then, Holly's maroon watched beeped, and she watched a message marquee across the face, momentarily blocking out the old- fashioned digital numbers of the clock.

Family Meeting- 1830 hours

Holly groaned and whimpered and looked at her watch, now that the lasered scroll had finished the message. It was already 1721 hours, and Holly on the verge of a good cry. She hated it when her family knew when she was crying. Sure, Holly was kind of detached, but it suited her fine.

She wasn't like her perfect older sister, or her friendly and open younger brother. And she hated how her relatives doted on her about how tall she was getting to be. She just wanted to be left alone.

Holly slunk to the washing chambers, unnoticed. The dark red walls flashed her anger back at her, as she pressed a blue button near the faucets marked ICE COLD. Freezing water cascaded from the silver swan-necked tap. Holly splashed the cold water over her face and breathed deeply.

Now, she didn't look so bad. I'm perfectly okay. She told herself. But Holly looked terrible and she knew it. She dragged herself down the spotless white hallway again, and back into her chamber. Tossing the workbook aside, Holly flopped on her bed, springing up a few inches from her sheets, until the springs settled underneath her, and she slept.

"Holly!" An exasperated tone called her from the kitchen. She woke with a start. Her mother. Bleary eyed and tired, Holly looked at her watch, which read 1844 hours. She swore like nobody's business and scrambled to the kitchen chamber, disheveled and sheepish.

"Holly, where've you been?" Her mother demanded, sharp green eyes silently reprimanding her. Holly averted her own mahogany orbs and took a seat at the nearest table, but her mother wasn't finished.

"Demeter was on time," Her mother flipped back dirty blonde hair and pointed at her beautiful sister, a look- alike of their mother. "And Anton was even two minutes early." Holly mumbled an exasperated apology and looked away.

"Now I suggest that next-" Holly's mother cut her sentence short. "Holly have you been crying? Your eyes are swollen."

"No…" She said unconvincingly.

Anton tried to look at Holly's eyes, but she turned away.

"I'm just tired," She reasoned, wishing the family meeting would just get to the point. "My eyes wouldn't be swollen if you hadn't woken me up." Holly snapped.

Luiana Umbra glared at her youngest daughter, but decided to drop the subject altogether. She turned to her husband, Ricardo. "Should we tell them now?"

Ricardo didn't respond to his wife, but started to talk, his dark brown eyes shifting over each one of his children.

"Earth is not how it used to be eight hundred years ago. It is crowded, polluted and dirty." He started, in a hesitant voice.

Confused, Holly looked to her siblings to see if they understood where this was going. Anton looked as confused as she did. He caught her eye and they traded befuddled looks. Holly then looked to Demeter, who to her surprise had wide eyes, and her hands were clasped together tightly, her knuckles turning white.

Before Holly could ask Demeter what was going on, their father resumed.

"Russia is building several colonies on different livable planets on another star, the Troika, like Biolov, Comitruis and Mitrovia." Ricardo calmly named the new planets, named after the ships that carried the new passengers to the planets.

Holly was just about to ask what any of this had to do with her, but Ricardo still wasn't finished. "Canamerica is following suit, and needs families to colonize a new planet on star near the Troika."

"Etoile!" Anton shouted, showing his family the knowledge he had gained watching the News.

Luiana smiled and nodded at her seven year old son. "We applied, and out of over 4 billion other applicants, we were chosen! We leave in May!"

Holly gaped, unsure of whether to be happy or not. Then she immediately thought of Capricornia, who she'd never have to face again. And how she could meet new friends. Holly smiled, aware of her luck. But her ecstatic mood, however, was short-lived as Demeter sobbed loudly. Holly and Anton, who still remained emotionless throughout, gazed at Demeter who wept loudly.

"No!" She cried. "I'm staying here!" She argued. Anton and Holly glanced at each other in surprise. Ricardo seemed to know something like this was coming and with a slight nod of his head excused his two younger children.

Holly rushed off to her chamber and closed the door. She hated it when her parents and Demeter fought- Demeter tended to get somewhat violent… and once she had broken her own arm, when she tried breaking the door down, which she succeeded to. But even through her own door, she could hear Demeter and her parents verbally battling each other in a fight Demeter had already lost.

Minutes later, heavy footsteps resounded through the hallways and a wrenching door slam reverberated through the hallways.

Holly snuck around the spotless white hallways and knocked on Demeter's chrome door.

"Psst. Demeter." Holly whispered. Instantly, the door slid open into the snow- white walls, and Holly tentatively stepped in. She inwardly shuddered at Demeter's room. The walls had been painted black, and though there was a large window on one side of the wall, it was usually covered by shimmering black cloth she called curtains, as it was today.

The only light that blessed the room was the reflection of the green sky that bled through the spaces between the curtains.


She lay curled up on her bed, facing the wall, away from Holly.

"I'm not going, just so you know." Demeter's voice sounded flat and hollow.

"We don't leave for another three months, you know." Holly reminded Demeter. When Demeter didn't answer, Holly strode up to the window and threw the curtains aside, drowning the room with the sky. Holly threw an arm around her eyes from the brightness, and Demeter groaned loudly. The whole scenery was a greenish brown, tainted from centuries of pollution.  For miles, looking out past the rows of houses was only the muddy green of the sky. Holly had once read, that years ago, hundreds of years ago, the sky had once been blue, but had turned green because of the incessant pollution of her forefathers. She frowned uneasily at the carelessness of the earlier generations, though found it strange for the sky to be blue.

Holly, still at the window, peeked down below, seeing Lower Azura, and her stomach fluttered. Her family had been living in the sky for three years now, ever since she was ten. That didn't mean she was still used to it. The City in the Sky project was a successful one, only about fifty years old, though it was an extremely risky one, inspired by the ancient Old Japanese bullet trains.

"Come on Demeter, let's go for a ride in the auto somewhere. Let's go to Lower Azura" Kicking stray dirty clothes out of the way for a path, Holly dragged the sulking Demeter from her bed.

"Mom, Demeter and I are going out for a ride in the auto, 'kay?" Holly yelled across the hall to the kitchen, where her parents still were. Her mother's reply was immediate- "Okay, don't forget to take your pills!"

Bundling up in clothes (for it was still cold at that time of year), Demeter and Holly made it to the front door to meet the shiny yellow pills and pitcher of water on a table near. Demeter reached for the doorknob, but Holly scolded her.

"What are you doing? Do you want to kill us both? Don't open the door!" She snapped Demeter's pale arm away and handed her a pill along with a small tin cup of water. Swallowing the pill easily, Holly then put on her worn black runners and grabbed the keys to the auto.

"You know, we won't need these pills after we go to that stupid planet." Demeter muttered. And with Holly's back turned, she dropped the small pill back into the clay-fired pot and pretended to take the pill.

Holly heard the pill being dropped into the pot again, but grit her teeth at Demeter's self harm attempts. She filled another glass of water and slipped another pill into her pocket.

Just in case.

"Ready to go?" Demeter asked, in a false tone. Holly handed her the keys to their family's auto and smiled equally as false.

Demeter gulped a large breath of air and opened the door. She ran to the auto on a  black-cemented Citysky platform and practically dove in. Holly had to run equally, as fast as to make sure Demeter didn't kill herself and too, dove into the white auto. Demeter's dirty blonde hair was windblown and whipped around her head. Her blue eyes were wide and pained, her pale skin blushing madly, all the way down to her neck and ears. She turned to face Holly, choking and gasping.

"I can't breathe!" she mouthed, shaking and shuddering for oxygen. Holly almost screamed at the disgusting, pleading sight of her rapidly dying sister and shoved the little shiny pill into Demeter's gasping mouth, and held the tin cup up to her quivering pale lips, for her to swallow it. After a few long minutes, Demeter looked away from Holly sheepishly, but breathing normally and nervously driving the dirty white auto.

"Fuck you, stupid Carmie." Holly spat nastily.

"If it weren't for me, you would have died. What the hell do you think you are? What? Did you think that I wouldn't notice that you didn't take your pill? The air's thin and polluted! How could you act like such a Carmie and think of only yourself?

"You know, just think about it. I'm trying to help you. Maybe you should think about someone else this time. I have to move from here too, remember? You don't know if the new planet is better or not, so just shut the fuck up about how you're so happy here. You know, we're really lucky for this." Holly bit her lip and looked out the window of the auto while Demeter drove pointlessly down and around Lower Azura. It was pointless because Demeter had no destination, but Holly looked sadly at her home, Upper Azura.

Sad because she was leaving her home-

Sad because Anton didn't really know what was going on-

Sad because Demeter had tried to kill herself in front of her-

Sad because her parents and Demeter couldn't get along-

Sad because Capricornia would never be her friend again-

Or maybe being sad was a part of being thirteen when the world was twenty-eight ninety four.

Okay, so what do you all think? It's a new idea, something other than Ever After. I'm trying new things like third person and futuristic things, though you can all tell (it's not really working). But I hope for your reviews and I want to know if there's anything I can improve on or anything like that. Sorry I haven't updated for a long time. Finals and homework have been killing me outside in. But school ends pretty soon, so I hope to be doing more then.

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