What's wrong!
What's wrong?
How can I dignify that with an answer?
You've strung me along on your invisible rope,
Then you throw me aside and look for another,
You all did that to me,
All of you,
I can forgive because I love you,
But you left me dieing inside,
Your whispers that are said too loudly,
You messed up and then passed the blame tome,
Your deceit has piled up,
All you see is what has been shown,
Look a little deeper and you will see that you are what is wrong,
Since I've met you everything has hurt,
I haven't been myself,
I cry more,
I am weak,
You smile,
You live your life to the fullest,
And laugh at everyone else who doesn't have it so well,
Sure it might just be an instant,
Though the pain echos,
I can hear it for days,
Every hateful word you said,
I remember it,
It burns me and kills me,
Yes he doesn't love me,
He doesn't think I am meant for him,
Guess what?
I am not!
She is,
That is why they are together,
That is why they will stay together,
I am tired of being asked what's wrong,
You don't want to know the truth,
Because you know you can't help me,
You want to know,
So you can tell someone,
Then lie to me afterwards,
One thing I've learned is that I can't trust any of you,
And I don't,
And I never will,
The only thing I regret,
Is being so blind to the truth before,
The only reason you stand me,
Is because it makes you feel better about your pathetic excuse for an