/Perfectly out of tune/

by: lawless priest

9:50 with the lights off and I'm sitting in the dark.
The shades are drawn, the doors are locked.
It seems depression has hit it's mark.

All of the roads are closed before me and there's no
time to choose another path. I can feel the darkness
closing around me, shrieking its sickening laugh.

I'm feelling lost in my own mind with no clue what I'll
find. I'm screaming with no end in sight and angry because
there's nothing to fight.

Life sucks and death's a bitch. Heaven or hell? It doesn't
matter which. I'm still stuck in my own fears, just trying
to hold back the tears.

There are no truths to the stories they tell. It's all over
and it might as well. Nothing left of my hope and conviction.
It doesn't matter because it's all fiction.