Graying sky above, spreading over all,
Blocking out the light of the sun,
Casting a dark shadow over everything upon the land.
A threat of rain and maybe lightening.
No one will be out in such violence ,
No one who wants to remain alive for a few more years.
Those without a different view of the mysteries of life hide away.
There is one,
One who isn't afraid of the rain or flashing of the heavens,
One who doesn't see the threat or the danger.
Embracing the tears,
Understanding the angst, the anger, the pain.
Here where the rain falls and soaks everything it touches,
Here where lightning lights up the blackened sky,
Someone stands within it all,
Someone is unafraid,
Someone understands.
What does she understand? What does she know that others do not?
If you do not know, I cannot tell you,
For it is not my place to enlighten.
Watch the girl as she stands alone,
Alone in the pouring rain.