Chase Me if I Run
Music and Lyrics By Heather Kitrel

-Guitar Introduction-

How lucky can we be?
I've got you and
You've got me
Take it fast,
Take it slow.
I don't care,
Yeah, you know.

As long, as I'm with you
We pretend, the things we do
Have nothing
To do with each other
Have nothing
To do together
Because I know you love me
And boy do I love you
So let's not pretend why we do
The things we do

-Guitar Instrumental-

How many times
Have I seen?
That you're following me
You claim you're bored
And it's for fun
But I know you'll chase
Me if I run


So many times
You deny it
So many times
You try to hide it
But I know
Plus it shows
You're going to chase
Me if I run
Yeah, you're going to chase
Me if I run


Yeah, you claim
It's for fun
But I know
You'll chase me
If I run
Yeah, you'll go and
Chase me
If I run!