Never Again

It's hard to explain
You were a part of me
Although I never knew it
Until today

I knew you were leaving
But I thought nothing of it
Sure I'd miss you
But I'd make it through

But today
IT hit me
You're always there for me daily
But I'll never see you again

Never again
Can your words touch my soul
Your smile brighten my day
Or your remarks encourage me

From now on
There will be an imposter
In the place you occupied
For as long as I can remember

And now
Now I can't believe it
I don't want you to leave
Please, stay

I beg of you
Don't leave me alone
TO drown in my tears
All you can do is smile like always

You hug me good-bye
And promise to keep in touch
But I'll never again
Be able to see your smiling face
A/N: I'm not sure what you think it's about, but it was written about the
pastor of my church since as long as I can remember and how he retired. not
my best, but it meants a lot to me