Forget the halls of desloate tears

Death is an obsolete object to me

Looked up to see a greater love

A beautiful being shone on me

Abba, no longer shall I fret

No longer shall I cry lonely tears

My heart has never left your hand

You're here, tell me, how can I cry?

I thought I died in those dark halls

Abandoned hope for a budding flower

The bud that blooms into unconditional love

The love this child has for you

After all these years of fear and pain

This wandering star has stumbled on you

No longer can I deny your loving embrace

I know I loved the pain, but time's come

I've never seen you like this before

Always have been my Father, my Daddy

Now your mercy invades, and you're my Abba

Oh, M'love, you've cradled the death away

You gather the red petals fallen

Crying, you throw them into the river

Flowers sprout from a tear soaked valley

Covering the field in unconditional love

Now I know, I finally see

Because of my past pain

These flowers can grow


I wrote this to M'love minutes ago, while he was moving swiflty in my spirit, and I broke into tears. So, I wrote this from my heart, and at times I didn't even know what I was writing. By the way, for those of you who don't know, Abba is another way of saying "daddy".