Bandana Girl

Sequel to "A Part Of My Life"

Perfect Troubles

I feel spontaneous as I go shopping with my mom. Actually
she's buying groceries with the little brat and I'm looking at
the belts, jewelry, purses, and clocks section. Nothing has
caught my attention yet.

For some reason someone put tube-tops and halter-tops with
the purses. They're cheap, too. I like the red tube-top that says
VARSITY in white letters. What did that mean anyways?

Most girls shirts and tops say the dumbest things now. Like,
ANGEL, BRAT, PRINCESS, or something snide to a guy.
Who would want a shirt that says BRAT? I know brats and
don't ever want to be considered as one.

I circle the aisle of purses and something draws my eyes. It's
a bandana, the classic red kind. The bandana speaks to me,
softly saying, "Buy me, buy me." So I do. Along with that red
tube-top and a packet of Nerds candy.

After the purchase, I hunt Mom and the brat down. They're on
the bread aisle and Mom is ready to go. She was sick of
listening to the brat demanding something every five minutes.

I show her what I bought. The brat says she wants candy. I glare
and growl at her for stressing out Mom. Mom smiles, amused
by what I bought. I don't get what's funny.

At home that afternoon, I put on my tube-top and tie the bandana
around my neck. Everyone says I look cute and they like my tube-
top. The brat says I'm ugly. I growl and glare, then swat her head.
She cries and Dad sends me to my room.

I just read until I hear yelling an hour later. Mom is mad at Dad
for spoiling the brat and having no self-control. Dad tries to
convince the household that Mom is wrong with some stupid
junk about her yelling at him. None of what he says makes any

He leaves to go see a movie, which makes the house sort of
peaceful again. After awhile, Mom starts ordering everyone
around to clean the house. I get the front bathroom and the
hallway connecting all our rooms. I make sure both are spot-
less. My sister is still cleaning the living room when I'm done.

My sister and I don't ever really talk. It never really bothers me,
except I never am told anything I need to know. She's supposed
to move out and into a dorm soon, in a month I think, so there
isn't any point in trying to bond.

Something weird happens to me at work the next day. A guy
starts talking to me while I walk the store for trash and messes.
He says he's from school and just graduated. He's got nice hair,
I notice. Why is he talking to me? I only catch half the
conversation between us, mostly my half.

His friends come over to us. Two of them eyeball me, which is
kind of creepy. I notice the guy looking at me in a similar way.
The tallest friend, who's not eyeballing me, suggests that they
checkout. All the friends say bye and walk away.

I'm really creeped out now. Another courtesy clerk walks by.
She tells me, "Get back to work and quit flirting with all the guys."
I disagree about the second part, but begin looking for trash again.