Bandana Girl

Sequel to "A Part Of My Life"

Perfect Dreams

I was weightless. Bliss ran from my fingers all the way down to
my toes. I felt myself flying. Air pushed me up. I went higher and
higher. Everything got smaller and smaller, further away, distant.
Then I was above it all, looking up. I smiled at the dark star-
speckled sky.

The force, or whatever, that held me up was gone. I fell, panic
screamed in my head, stiffened my body, then made it feel like jelly.
The ground was getting closer. Everything was getting bigger,
sharper, brighter. I crashed into earth.

My eyes snap open. I see my blue fan spinning above me. It was
just a dream, a freaky dream, but still a dream. The brilliant sunlight
coming through my thin curtains tells me it's late. Noon probably.

I hate dreams like the one I had. I also love them. Flying is so great.
The wind, the peace, the freedom. I started feeling so free when I
started buying my own stuff. I'm glad I don't work today. After
kicking my comforter away, I roll out of bed feeling hot and icky.

I don't eat breakfast. Never really have before either. It helps keep
my wonderful figure and stay in a size 11. I really need to join a sport
with lots of movement. Maybe I will when school starts.

Mom's making food, something out of meat, which means could be
anything. She looks tired and irritable, probably fought with Dad before
he left, and it was probably about something stupid. She looks at me.

"I'm making turkey burgers," she tells me. "Becca went to work.
Everyone's gone today." The brat and my little brother, gone.
Sh'weet. That's my word. A variation of "sweet."

"Want to go bowling?" I ask. I always ask everyone.

And it's always the same answer. "No," she says, and I growl at this.
She may always say the same thing, but I always want to go, so it
irritates me.

We eat. I go write in my journal about private things no one will ever
know about. I will kill before I let someone read it. No one knows I
have a journal, so it's safe from peekers and spies.

The day somehow moves along, very slow though. Everyone comes home
and chaos erupts. Fine with me, as long as there's something interesting to
watch. I watch my little brother and sister fight over the dining room
computer and after that I watch Becca talk with Mom and Dad about work.
I talk with them a bit, too, but I don't say much. I mostly talk about the quiet
cashier who's a guy and the girl who always tells me to quit flirting with the
guys. I don't flirt. The girl is an idiot. Mom, Dad, and Becca agree with me.

After that I go play video games. I play a weird western game that my
brother rented. All the game characters are freaks and have exaggerated
accents. Don't ask me why I think that. I just know it.

Becca has been slowly packing her things and throwing other things away,
while buying new stuff, like, furniture. She'll be moving in two weeks. Maybe
one and a half. Soon I'll be doing all the driving and buying junk for us kids.
I'm not looking forward to it.

Thanks for the reviews! I added a bit of dialogue. See it? I think there will be two more chapters
with an emotional twist and junk at the end. We'll all see when I get there.


Lots of Love,

PS: I'm playing with you about the Xs and Os. You're too smelly to hug and kiss. Kidding. I'll go now.