Right Through Me

It seems as if,
You will always see,
Right through me.
Never to lay your eyes,
On my own.
And it seems as if,
I will never catch,
Your glance,
Because you always see,
Right through me.
So why do I always,
See you?
Why can you never pass,
Right through me?
I see clearly who you are,
And everything else about you.
Yet I don't even exist,
In your mind.
But you always fill my mind,
My heart,
My eyes,
But only to have
My mind,
My heart,
And my eyes,
Go empty.
So grateful would I be,
Just to see you turn my way.
And so happy would I be,
If you said my name.
But fate is against me.
I was never meant for you,
Or you for me.
But would it hurt,
To try to defy fate?
My eyes fill with your figure,
My ears flood with your voice,
My heart overflows with this thing,
Called Love.
Reaching you seems mindless,
For it will never be,
But I've always tried to show you,
Who I am.
But you always see,
Right through me.