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Hey, Ryan Jordans here.  I have to start a new journal because I filled my other one up.  I guess I should give you a bit about myself in this one too, just so when I put this in the time capsule I'm making people three thousand years from now know who I am.  Maybe I should include a picture in there too.  You know, so they can see me with their own eyes.  Maybe they'll have four eyes by then!  Maybe they won't even be remotely human; maybe they'll be cockroaches or something?  Roaches made it through that first meteor with the dinosaurs; what's to say another meteor couldn't hit, wipe us out and then roaches would evolve into the next intelligent beings?  Cool…

Wow, I got way off the topic.  Back to me.  I'm pretty normal.  Brown hair with blonde highlights (yes, they are natural.  I don't dye my hair; I think that's kind of strange for guys to do that.  Unless they have to for a movie or something, but that's different) that I just got cut not too long ago.  I've finally found a barber who cuts my hair they way I want it cut!  I've had horrible experiences with barbers.  They don't listen to what you say, I'm telling you!  The last one I had I asked her to cut my hair short.  What a mistake.  She gave me a crew cut.  A crew cut!!  I had to wear a hat until it grew back.  Only recently, have my friends stopped teasing me about it.  I seriously looked ridiculous.

Anyway, so you know the color of my hair… oh, I have blue eyes.  But don't say they're just blue because they're not.  They're icy blue.  There's a difference.  No matter what Skye says.  I'll tell you who she is in a minute.

I'm tall.  Yes.  Very tall.  Well, okay, not extremely tall, but you know, tall enough to be taller than the girls.  Let's see, how many times can I get the word 'tall' into one paragraph?  Tall, tall, tall, tall, tall… ahem, sorry, got carried away.

Family.  I'm an only child and I live alone with my mother, who's a waitress.  She brings in enough money to support us, but we're certainly not rich or anything.  My dad was cop, but four years ago he was killed on duty.  I don't really like to talk about it, it kind of upsets me, so I'm going to stop talking about it now.

Friends.  That's who Skye is.  She's one of my friends.  Along with Serena and Michael.  They're really cool, even if the girls can get to be annoying.  Well, so can Michael come to think of it.  But I'm sure I can also be annoying at times, so what am I saying?

Skye is awesome; she has a great sense of humor and she's pretty, despite the fact she thinks she isn't.  She has short, black hair with red highlights (again, natural) that she finds boring.  I don't understand that, but I'm not about to argue with her.  She has chocolate eyes and is average height.  She's not too fat, but she's not too skinny, either.  She's just pretty.  And she's nice.  Most of the time.

Serena is plain brilliant.  She's a straight A student and tries hard to keep it that way.  She's always the first done on a test and do you know what she does after she finishes?  She goes back and rechecks her work.  Boring…  I could never do that.  Whatever I answered the first time will have to be good enough because there is no way I'm going back and looking at it again.  I don't even like looking at it to begin with!  Anyway, Serena has long, light brown hair and green eyes.  Or, as I say, emerald.  Eyes are a very important part of the body; you can't belittle them!  You have to emphasize them.

Anyway, Michael.  He's the kind of guy who's so weird you just gotta' like hanging around him.  You know what the cover of his notebook looks like?  He drew "I Love Sporks" all over it.  What is a spork?  A mix between a spoon and a fork?  That has to be a weird looking piece of flatware!  Well, whatever it is, he obviously likes it, because that's what his notebook screams.  He's way too hyper in the mornings, which I honestly can't understand.  I can barely drag myself out of bed and here he comes bounding into school like he just swallowed a ton of sugar.  He isn't incredibly tall, in fact, he's about Serena's height.  And he has dirty blonde hair.  And I really have no idea what color his eyes are; I don't usually stare into another guy's eyes.  I'll ask him maybe and tell you later.

We all go to Van Dell Middle School (or, VDMS is easier) in Indiana.  Probably the most boring state in the country.  Nothing ever happens here.  I'm moving the second I turn eighteen somewhere cool.  Like New York or something.  I want to go to a city and hit it big.  I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to hit it big on, I'll figure that out later.

That's pretty much it for now.  I'll write tomorrow I guess.  See ya'.