Journal and the people reading this three thousand years in the future (wait, if they're reading this three thousand years in the future, then it really wouldn't be in the future for them, it would be the present, so maybe I should write "Journal and the people who are reading it in the present?"  Okay, now I've officially confused myself…),

Anyway, today was the last day of testing!  Yahoo!!  No more testing.  No more sit-and-stare-at-the-same-piece-of-paper-for-hours-while-you-try-to-figure-out-the-answers-to-the-most-boring-questions-in-the-universe-as-you-slowly-go-out-of-your-mind.  Yeah, that about sums it up.  No more testing!!  Can you tell I'm excited about that?  You can't?  Gee, people in the future are slow.  Oh… wait… make that the present.  But it's the future for me… meaning it's the past for them… wow, gotta' stop thinking about this…

Back to what happened today.  The teacher came in late for homeroom, so Skye, Michael, and I sat around and talked for a while.  I was trying to fall asleep, but there was no chance whatsoever that with Michael's loud mouth I was ever going to get any rest.  A little while later, Skye stopped mid-sentence to stare at the guy who had just walked in, Jason Shane.  Mr. Popular and Skye's long time crush.

Jason has to be one of the most popular guys in school, why all the girls like him is beyond me.  He's a little taller than me with brown hair that's always a bit shaggy.  Skye thinks he's one of the most gorgeous guys on the planet.  He looks pretty normal to me.  It's really incredibly annoying to be talking to her and all of a sudden realize she hasn't heard a word you've said for the past ten minutes.  She's completely obsessed is what she is.

Anyway, later on, in choir, Skye had a bit of an embarrassing moment.  She's sick right now and she had this enormous coughing fit.  Mrs. Zantini (the teacher) didn't even ask her if she was all right.  She said, "Are you finished?"  Can you believe that?  So, I stood up and started yelling at everyone, telling them off.  After I did that, I turned to Skye and asked if she was all right, loud enough for everyone to hear.

The rest of the day was pretty boring.  Wait… make that really boring.  We had more testing with more little bubbles and more questions.  Even more than that, the tick of the wall clock was beginning to drive me insane.  Isn't it weird that unless you focus on hearing the clock, you just tune it out?  Well, out of boredom, I did, and what a mistake that was.  I was getting Chinese water torture without the water.

But now the day is over, done, finished!  I'm so happy I'm practically bouncing off the walls!  Now would be a good time to call Michael and show him what he's like in the morning when everyone else is asleep.  You know, calling Michael sounds like a good idea, I'll go do that now.


Here's what happened since I last wrote:

Michael:  Mpfph?

Me:  What?

Michael:  (silent for a minute)  Sorry, Ryan?

Me:  Yeah, what was that?

Michael:  I'm eating.

Me:  That sounds like a good idea, what are you having?

Michael:  (silent for a second) Sorry, had to check the box.  I'm munching on cheerios.

Me:  You don't know what you're eating?

Michael:  I do now.

Me:  (laughing)  Hey, I'm starved too.  Do you want to go grab something at the Sweet Tooth?

Michael:  (I hear a bag crinkling and a cabinet open and shut)  Yeah!  Bet you five bucks I can beat you there!

Me:  You're on!

I practically slammed the phone on the hook and took off towards the door.  I was in such a hurry, for a second I forgot how to turn the doorknob.  I was just standing there, pulling on it and wondering why it wasn't opening.  When I finally managed to make it out of my house, I sped down the street.  I was okay until I got into town, when the people on the sidewalks started getting in my way and giving me weird looks.  A few of them said stuff to me like, "Hey, slow down!" but by the time my brain had registered what it was, I was far away from the guy.

I made it to the Sweet Tooth and burst through the doors.  As I gasped for breath, I leaned my hands on my knees, looking around for Michael.  I didn't see him immediately and my spirits rose, thinking I was five dollars richer, but then I saw him sitting at a table with his sister.  When I was able to move again, I went over to his table and dropped into a seat.  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  How'd you get here before me?

Beth (Michael's sister):  (holding up car keys and grinning) It's good to have a license.

Me:  What? You cheated!

Michael:  No I didn't.  I only said I could beat you here, I didn't say it had to be on foot.  Pay up!

Me:  No way!  That's manipulation!

Michael:  (looking at Beth)  I learned from the best.

Beth:  (grinning and looking pleased with herself)

Me:  (sighing and digging in my pocket)  Here.

Michael:  (opening the bill to make sure it's a five)  Great, thanks.

Me:  You get the bill.

Michael:  Yes, I do. (grinning and waving my five in my face)

Me:  (sighing)  No, I mean the food bill.

Michael:  Huh?  No, Beth's gonna' get it.

Beth:  What?  I never agreed to that!

Michael and me:  Too bad!

We each got ice creams and made Beth pay for them.  She was reluctant but immediately agreed when Michael started grabbing at her purse and digging around in it.  I was practically falling on the floor laughing through all of this.  I like Beth; it's pretty awesome when she comes down to visit.  She's in college so we don't really get to see her that often.  But when she does come, she's always tons of fun to hang with.

That's pretty much all for now.  I'll write later.