No where, anywhere
No here, or there.
This place is taken, find somewhere else.
Wander on.
No, ask him.
Sorry, ask her.
Ask them all, they all say no.
Shrug and move on, ever on.
May I? Can I?
Of course not, you are different.
No "perfect" image here.
Please may I-
Get lost,
Misfit of society!
Repeat that again, will you please?
If you didn't catch it, too bad.
Get out of the way, you're in the way!
Sorry, didn't see you,
Didn't see me.
May I speak with you?
Of course you-
Hey, long time no see.
But you were talking to me.
Subway station
Missed train
Ticking hours
All alone.
Mother I love you, help me.
Ignorance, it's your life.
Whirl around
Turn around.
Where did everyone go?
Don't belong here
What about there, do I?
We have enough people, go away!
Sorry, where you saying something?
Yes, I was screaming.
Run away
Turn away,
No train for me
Call a cab.
Taken to a place
Where I