I wear the skull on my cover

To show my undying loyalty to you

I wonder what will become of us, two lovers

When all of this, the war, is through

We have seen the chateaus of France

And the endless sands of the North African coast

It seemed that nothing could stop the German advance

Fueled by our dreams, and our comrade's "ghosts"

You have brought me to my senses

In battle, amidst the flames and screams

The true visage of humanity's extremes

Unbridled and unchecked- violence

Helping me release my true benevolence

In these lonely times I sit on your perch

For the enemy and I continue our search

You will keep me safe in the bad times and the worst

Still together through all of this, in the thick of it

Laughter and tears, through rivers, fields and grit

My heart goes out to you, your aim so steady and true

You kill the killer inside of me, and those who thrive outside of us

Your love so pure, only you whom I trust

In the final battle, our ideals we defend

You will never abandon me, not even in the end