You And I Alone

You held me tight and I melted at your touch
You whispered to me that you'd always stay
You said that you would deny your friends and such
You told me that you wouldn't go away
"It will be you and I alone forever"
That was the promise that you whisper to me
"It will be you and I alone together"
The promise that sent my heart to ecstasy
Those who nurtured us from did not matter
How were they to know what our young hearts needed?
Whether we could work, had wages to flatter
Down the road of Love we would have proceeded
But fear and reality intersected
The path was dirty and rocky and unclear
And you turned away from our path selected
And I wondered if you promise was sincere
Now I am lost and with no easy route
All the simple paths are blocked by crumpled hopes
And you have found a life that will better suit
But all I am left with is slippery slopes
Did you think of my soul before you left me?
Although I can't blame you for leaving my side
But you must have known I'd issue a last plea
You must have known I'd try to find where you'd hide
"It will be you and I alone forever"
But forever is shorter than I once thought
"It will be you and I alone together"
But together is further away than ought